What bag after your changing bag?


You baby has grown up, and you no longer need to carry around the kitchen sink with you, what is your next bag.?

You will still need to be carrying wipes, drinks, nappies, food, toys, coloring pens, iPads etc. for quite a while yet.

Here at Mia Tui we have the solution for you in our Grace or Sofia bags, both can be worn across your body keeping your hands free to keep up with your little ones.


What is included in a Mia Tui bag:

  1. Insulated bottle holder for drinks
  2. Clutch bag for your bits
  3. Clips for your keys so you can always find them
  4. Clear bag for make-up (on that rare occasion!) or 1st Aid, snacks ets
  5. Fabric is water-proof inside and out

Sofia and Grace bridge the gap perfectly between your Changing Bag and finally going back to your expensive handbag.

Or if you are like us, you will stick with your Mia Tui bag long after the kids have grown up as the thought of going back to a empty sack of a bag quite frankly scares us.! :-)

We are giving you 25% off both bags until Sunday 21st September with the code MT25

Head to the website to view both the Grace or Sofia

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