Back on the Health & Fitness Wagon for 2015 - Step 5 out of 10 - Enjoy Yourself

One thing is is for certain… if you don’t enjoy the process, dread it or find it generally hard work you WILL not engage your brain. You will simply NOT manage to stay the distance if you know there is an end in sight. If not you will drift off plan and wind up back to square one.

Finding ways to enjoy this journey is key to sustainability. If the thought of 6 am Bootcamp fills you will absolute dread or the idea that you can’t drink ANY wine makes you feel deprived and resentful then this journey will be very short lived. You will never engage your subconscious mind and form the healthy habits you need to create.

So think very carefully about what things you WILL NOT give up. And make a little room for them if you can. Whether it’s a one a week cheat meal or a little bit every day. You will know yourself better than anyone.

If you can’t stand gyms then think about classes or other forms of activity like group walking or dancing. There will be something for everyone.

When you are having fun and looking forward to the challenges ahead of learning a new way of living it will never feel like a chore or a temporary program of deprivation and misery!

How can you enjoy this journey more? How can you incorporate things and be flexible to create room for the things you love? What things can you happily do without in exchange for the things that make you happy?

Let me know!

Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller

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