Meet the team who are going to get fitter in 2015.. Part 1

We asked if anyone wanted to come on-board and share their journey in to a healthier life-style,we are please to say that we were blown away with the response. We have picked 10 people who want to make some changes to their life-style, we will only use 1st names and obviously some people don't want to share pictures. 

We will follow their journeys over the next 3 months to see them making a difference for themselves.

Here are their introductions..

Hi my name is Emma and I'm  a 35 year old wife and mum to one very nearly 4 year old.
My getting fit journey is very different , I have had 6 heart operations and  2 strokes so " fit " means a different thing to a lot of other people. Been "fit " to me mean been able to walk up the stairs with out getting out of breath.

this is going to be a huge challenge for me as I find getting out the house in the cold a struggle , so running jogging and even walking are  a no no for me.

A few years ago I went to university to study sport science and personal training, so I know quit a bit about the science behind the sports. So my chosen sport ( for now ) is swimming for the cardio and a few small weights to strengthen my bones. its important to do both. No big change in my diet , we eat quite heathery as a family anyway my hubby goes the gym 3 times a week and my son is a veg lover. But I do want to drink more water.

I'm not looking to loose weight, at 63kg ad 180 cm tall I'm very happy with my BMI of 20. But if I loose a few inches in the process then happy days as were off on holiday in may.  

Hello, my name is Claire and I am a 37 year old mother of 2.  I work 3 days a week as a Dental Nurse and the rest of the time I am Mummy.

I have been learning to swim for the last 4 months and have improved my confidence in the water a lot but I still cannot swim a length as I am so UNFIT! So I have decided that 2015 is the year when my healthy eating/exercise resolutions are going to last the whole year not just until mid-January!  I would also like to think by next Christmas that  I look half-decent when I see myself in my underwear and not some crinkley old woman!

 I am not a massive fan of gyms so will be walking/running/swimming and using my extensive collection of celebrity fitness DVDs to try and achieve this..............


Hello.. my name is Sam, I have spent most of my life being overweight for one reason or another, however have always tried to incorporate fitness into my lifestyle. When I was pregnant with my first daughter twelve years ago I suffered from SPD (Symphysis Pelvic Dysfunction) a painful condition of pregnancy that left me registered disabled and unfortunately with a painful, life changing condition long-term. The SPD left me unable to exercise and therefore keep control of my weight and I struggled with overall fitness. Although I had treatments that improved my SPD somewhat, I could never exercise to a level where I could raise my fitness.

Five years ago, my husband and I were blessed with another daughter. I was quite scared at the prospect of becoming disabled again with the SPD however, the condition actually eased and after my daughter's birth I was able to undertake gentle exercise for the first time in years! I wasted no time and very carefully undertook a daily routine of exercise. I began with pilates to build my non-existent core and was able to progress carefully to exercise intensely enough to really burn fat and get fit- in fact 10K fit! I had to remain careful of my pelvic condition and avoid certain exercises and had to accept a certain level of discomfort sometimes however I went from weighing 14 stone to 10 stone- with good muscle tone and overall fitness. All of this managed with just using DVDs and online exercise programs at home on my own. I WAS HAPPY!
Well, we were blessed with a third daughter in March last year. I knew that my fitness may be impacted on as my SPD could get worse again- and it did. Having started the pregnancy with good intentions, daily pregnancy pilates and pregnancy aerobics, at twenty weeks in I had to stop due to the SPD. I continued with Aqua natal classes but even these had to stop at twenty five weeks.  

Following the birth of my gorgeous daughter, my pelvis remained painful and I have since struggled to get back to exercising. Seeing my overall fitness levels and muscle tone deteriorate has been frustrating and when I have had to buy bigger clothes I have been quite upset. However I have decided to go back to basics. This new year I have gone right back to basics again, starting with Pilates.
My new year fitness journey is a journey I have done before and I know I can do again. I know I can be successful however it does not mean it isn't a struggle. I have to balance the desire (and obsession) to get fit with accepting I have a long-term condition that is placing restraints on my body. However, I am determined now to focus on achieving and maintaining a healthy level of fitness and trying- and enjoying a lower intensity of exercise than I was used to- as it is what my body needs at the moment. Today it's pilates, next week, I'm going to try Zumba as I can work to my own ability- the week after who knows!
So my blog entries would be about getting fit despite adversity, understanding your own body needs and finding and maintaining motivation- in a healthy, balanced way.


Hello, I'm Gemma, 30, from Manchester! I have a beautiful 7 month old baby and an amazing, supportive husband.

I have always been overweight, and spent most of my 20s miserable about it. Before pregnancy I had lost 2.5 stones but this has creeped back in, and I should probably admit, maybe a little more.

My goal is to drop 2-3 stone this year. I don't want my terrible eating habits to pass onto my son, who is getting older and more aware day by day! I am hoping that home workouts and baby workouts will help me achieve this. I am looking forward to blogging my progress and gaining support from a group.


Hello, I'm Danielle. 

I am 38 years old and turn 40 at the end of next year and am a mother of two at home with me. I work fulltime and also do voluntary work.  A few years ago I got into training and walked the Belfast marathon, unfortunately I did the marathon while I had flu and never returned to exercise. I both need and want to get back to keeping fit both for my health and also to give me some time for me.

My problem areas are my thighs and bum and if I could reduce their size I would be happy. I am so looking forward to doing this and showing my husband (a fitness fanatic) I have some sticking power!


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