Best Changing Bags for Twins

Having just come back from The Baby Show at Excel, it has hit us that there are more and more people having twins. We get asked all the time "do you have a changing bag for twins.

We don't have a specific bag designed for twins, but we can give feedback from other twin mums on what bags they say works really well.

I remember one twin mum buying an Amelie bag on the back of an article she had seen on Mia Tui. She had been through 5 changing bags, she actually exchanged the Amelie for the Minnie Amelie and said that "this is the best changing bag for twins"

The Minnie Amelie has two insulated bottle holders, clutch bag for mum so she knows where her purse is, and can even wear it across her body. The PVC bag is great for nappies, wipes, 1st aid etc, always knowing where your keys are is a blessing when you are trying to get into your house or car! 

The pockets that run around the inside of the bag allow you to always find your things, then there is so much space in the middle to be able to dump things.

The fabric is waterproof inside and out, so you don't need to worry about ruining your bag, even if you have a "mare" of a day and spill milk, smash food, you can turn the bag inside out wash in a bowl of hot soapy water and dry with your hairdryer! 

So there you have it.. I'm told time and time again that Minnie Amelie is the perfect changing bag for twins.

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