Travel Bags

Travelling this year..?

We will show you how the Amelie or Minnie Amelie make the best travel bags.

Here are a few of the key features to a Mia Tui travel bag...

  1. Airline compliant for taking in the cabin on all airlines
  2. Fits under the seat in-front of you - so you can always get to your bag without climbing over two people!
  3. Comes with a clutch bag that can be worn across your body, meaning you can keep your passports, tickets and purse securely on your body
  4. Travel PVC bag for your 100ml liquids
  5. Brightly coloured interior - no black hole, so you can actually see into your bag
  6. Clips for your keys
  7. Phone and pen holder
  8. Water-proof fabric inside and out
  9. Zipped pocket on the back
  10. The bag fully zips closed for additional security

The great thing about these two travel bags are that you can travel to your destination and then use them as your beach/pool bag once you are there. Just remember to shake the sand out!

Happy travelling :-)


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