What's in a review? A lot to me...

I feel like I have had my guts ripped out..!

Over the past 3 months I have been working like a dog to make QVC happen, for Mia Tui this is a big deal as it is the one platform that will really allow us to show why Mia Tui bags are different.

Last Wednesday was our "Go Live" date, I had to leave the family in Rhodes to fly back to help host the show. The show went really well, we sold out of most of the Lottie and Matilda Mae bags, and half of the new Emma, Olivia only got 2 minutes on air so didn't fair quite as well.

Today I see two reviews on the QVC website which were not good, saying that the Emma bag is too heavy one even going as far as saying its cumbersome and would never buy from this brand again :-(

I think people don't realise that there is a person behind the brand trying really hard and caring about what everyone thinks of their baby.

I know everyone is entitled to their opinion.

The Emma bag comes with extra bags to help you stay organised, detachable strap, lots of pockets and 2 water-bottle holders which have to be made with additional fabric, its not just an empty sack. 

We make the straps wider and longer so they are comfortable on your shoulder, and we use a really strong water-resistant lining.

The bag is only a little heavier that a cheaper travel bag you will by in a supermarket, but it will last you a lot longer and keep you organised.  

Just had to get it off my chest.

Charlotte x




August 10, 2015


Karen English

Karen English said:

Well of course a big bag packed with features pouches and pocket will be heavier than a cheap nasty tote

Just focus on the wonderful products you make that people love and use time and again! We love ours and they serve us well on all our travels

Alice S

Alice S said:

Don’t despair! I won my first bag and after you came to the US, I’ve ordered several. Even shared with my daughter and she likes them too. Yes, they have some weight to them but they last. They get used and used and don’t show wear.

Nicki Cawood

Nicki Cawood said:

I love the brand as you know and the quality is unbeatable. Honestly, with reviews sometimes I think some people aren’t happy unless they are being miserable!
I make a point of calling or emailing a company to say “thanks” or “job well done” because often all they hear are the complaints and as you say, there are humans behind these brands.

Keep doing what you do (so brilliantly!) x


Vikki said:

Don’t be down-hearted Charlotte. Your bags are fabulous and I love them!


Lisa said:

Don’t worry Charlotte, there’s always a critic!

I just ordered my Olivia (tan)…can’t wait to get in the mail!

You have an amazing product…don’t let the critics wear you down…


Jan Byford

Jan Byford said:

Well, I love your bags. I have two of them and plan on getting more in the near future. So ignore all the negative posts. Some people are impossible to please.

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