The website is nearly ready..

The website is nearly ready...

It’s been a busy week for me, I paid a visit to see the girls in the factory and see how they are getting along finishing the final bags.. I even helped out with the cutting of the fabric for the zip surround.

Van took me to the factory that cuts all the fabric, little did I know that from the paper pattern of the bag a metal cast is made for every panel of the bag, this is used for cutting the fabric, there can be up to 30 panels to a bag. 

So when I make a small design change, a whole new pattern has to be made and a new metal cast made, no wonder Van looks like she is going to scream at me when I say “I have had an idea about the bag”..!

The website is nearing to its completion and stock has been delivered to the UK, HK, and Australia.. ready for those orders to come flooding in.! As much as I can’t wait for the website to go live to the world, I am also extremely nervous, it’s like bearing my soul, and I hope that people will love the bags.

A little piece of you dies when someone gives any criticism; I suppose you are protective like a mother... after all they are my “babies”. 

 I designed the bag as a multi-purpose bag that can be used for many occasions; it was never designed as a handbag, although some people will use it as an everyday bag.

I have really tried to think about the inside of the bag and how best to design it so it is really functional.  I am always open for suggestions on how we can improve, already from feed-back I will be adding a pen holder and glasses pocket so you can always find them in your bag.

So next week is the week hopefully (I say hopefully as you never know what is around the corner) we go live to “the world”. It has been the steepest learning curve and I have given it my all. 

Lisa my partner who is in Hong Kong will also be waiting with fingers crossed that it all works and we get at least one order... I wonder who will be the 1st person to buy an Amelie bag On-line..?


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