The Dummy Fariy comes to Vietnam

This should have been done years ago but somehow six years have passed in a blink of an eye and I have not had the heart to take away Amelie’s precious dummy away.

I know I can hear you now, what is a nearly 6-year-old doing with a dummy.!, but this was her crutch, her comforter, just like her sister goes to bed with two soft bean bags but I am not looking to take them away and people are not shocked when a 8-year-old takes a teddy bear on holiday, I know had one for years, but when a child over 3 years old has a dummy it looks silly.

She only had the dummy to go to bed, or if she was really tired, but she loved them so much, I kept saying “once her 1st tooth came out then the tooth and dummy fairy will come together.”

How did it come about last night..? I don’t know, I am always asking her when she is going to get rid of them, but last night I said let’s look on the internet at how a 6-year-old can get rid of their dummies, so she told me what to type into Google, and some forums popped up, I stated reading them to her, then I made up a response that was more directed to her.

Well this seemed to hit the spot as she went and put her dummies under her pillow and wanted to write a note to the dummy fairy.

She was so upset, kissing goodbye to her dummy, writing a note asking the dummy fairy to look after them as she loves the so so so so so so so much, she even asked me to “take a picture of her and her dummy so she can remember them when she gets older”

I was preparing myself for the worst going to bed, but she was fantastic and went to sleep straight away.

I got to work writing a letter to her from Daisy the dummy fairy telling her how the babies in fairyland will look after her dummies and that she is such a big girl.  Luckily I had brought a present for her 6th birthday yesterday, so wrapped that up, and left money under her pillow.

1.30am this morning she woke up to check if “she” had been, once she realised the dummy fairy had been I had to get up to let her open the present and read the letter, she was so happy and proud of herself.

I am sure it can’t be that easy and there will be some bad nights ahead where she is going to cry as there is no dummy, she has to go through some sort of withdrawal doesn’t she..?


  • Karie

    …or not. Goodness knows you’ve more than paid your dues with sleep deprivation. I can’t believe she’s lost her first tooth! That is always such a big change, waiting for their melons to fit their new big honkin teeth! Samia was talking about “her best friend Amelie” today to another friend. She said, “we never ever ever fought, she is my best friend forever!” Miss you dear. x

  • Annie Bananie

    Funny being Canadian I didn’t know what a dummy was at first and realized it must be her soothers. Great job in getting her to make her own decision.

  • TheBoyandMe

    Well done! And brilliant that she was involved in the process too.

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