The name of my 3rd baby is...

Grace.. well done to Grumpyishmum.

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition it was a very hard choice.

I really liked Ollie but "Grace" is a girl,  I am in the process of making a man's bag to add to the collection - so he will be called "Ollie", and I really liked "Indah" which means beautiful in Indonesian, this will be the name of the next girl in the Mia Tui family.

All the bags are getting packed up and shipped over to England, they should be ready for purchase by mid-late August, the Amelie bag is available now in the UK.


Here is another look at Grace..


  • Karie

    Grace is drop dead gorgeous! Love that colour…x

  • TheBoyandMe

    That colour is a must for Winter! Oooh yes. I might be putting that on my Amazon Wishlist for Christmas!

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