Weather, Adverts, & Exercise

I have been in the UK for just over a week now, things are slowing slotting into place, the house should be finished within a couple of weeks and we have been attacking the garden which after 7 years of neglect needed some TLC.

Amelie is finding the adverts a novelty and is now telling us what we need to buy, “Nanny do you have  crystal’s for the dishwasher” and telling me if I use Vo5 in the shower I will get curly hair..  Does she not realise I spend 4 hours in the hairdressers getting it straighten..!

You forget that she has never been exposed to adverts; I am not looking forward to the run up to Christmas! She has already spent an afternoon with the Tesco direct book, pen and paper working out what she wants., god help me I need to sell some

Mia is still running around without clothes on whenever possible, I did think this would stop when we got to the UK as it would be too cold, but she doesn’t seem to feel the cold, I am going to bed in sweat tops and she is naked on top of the covers… strange child!

Talking about the weather – everyone keeps asking me how I coping with the terrible weather at the moment, but really it doesn’t bother me, just as long as I have warm clothes I am fine. We lived in 35 degrees for the past 3 years and the kids hardly went out to play, they even stopped wanting to swim.  I am enjoying not sweating ALL the time and not having a shower at least twice a day.. Now ask me how I am coping in the winter may be another question..!

We have joined Gulliver’s World for the remainder of the year, the girls love it, but Philippe’s face when he had to pay was a picture, it’s only 5 mins from the house so we will make good use of it. Yesterday we went to Dinosaur Park , and got to make slime and ice cream, great fun.

June 10th was my last aerobic class, apart from one 30min bike ride I have done nothing, I justified the lack of exercise on the fact I lived in a 3 story house and I was moving boxes most days.. Yesterday was the day I got back on the horse, quick run round the lake and some squats, press-ups and sit-ups, Mmm today I can hardly move and sitting on the toilet I tell you is proving  difficult..! To exercise today or not..???


  • Sarah P

    Get yourself out again!!! I’m now back into it again and today is my rest day but am now committed to 5 times per week!!! It’s been a bit of a shock to the body I can tell you and I’m definitely starting to feel my age!!! xxx

  • TheBoyandMe

    Glad some things are settling down and others are proving fun and games. Christmas will be so exciting for the girls with all the lead up (from September onwards!)

  • Carrie

    A taste of your own medicine I say! RV and myself both considered toileting outdoors as we could not lower ourselves onto the bowl for a week after our first classes with you!

  • miatui

    Yes I did think this was sweet justice for all the pain I have caused people over the years.. but I am in a lot of pain..!!

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