It's finally Over..

The waiting game is finally over, well nearly all of it, still waiting for those kids to go back to school..!

A week today our 40ft container arrived outside our house, I could see the neighbours curtains twitching, "how the hell are they going to fit all that in there" they were my exact thoughts. I thought I had culled a lot in Vietnam, but maybe not..!!

It took all of Monday to unload the container, I could have cried, the mess was over whelming, and f*ck we brought too much stuff home.

Tuesday was unpacking, the removal company have to unpack all boxes and take away the rubbish, but in reality we did the unpacking and they put up the beds, and cleared up. They were gone by lunchtime..

I NEVER want to see another present again, the moving company pack up well, but one glass has cardboard and paper wrapped around it 3 times, so there was a lot of un-wrapping. Both mine and Philipps hands hurt for days afterwards. I think Philippe thought he had arthritis.. Men..!

We finally managed to move into the house on Wednesday, to the relief of my parents, I think they had the flags out, by Thursday they had their house all tidy and were trying to off load more toys on me, as if I didn't have enough already..! "Hold on my friends give me time to sort out my stuff before you give me more, just store it in one of the empty bedrooms for a while PLEASE"..!!

I managed to fall down the stairs on Friday night (not drunk I promise), I'm not used to wearing socks on carpets and slipped and dislocate my finger, my husband watched this through the glass of the front door and was wetting himself!! I made a  quick trip and I mean QUICK to A&E on Saturday morning just to make sure it wasn't broken. I went there for a little rest, people watch and read some magazines, but I was in X-rayed and out in within 30 mins, I just about managed to open one page of my magazine.. What has changed with our NHS or was I just lucky.. ?

So slowly the house is coming together, you can actually see the office now, so I can start to working and get Mia Tui off the ground. The girls seem really happy, we have a few wobbly nights where Amelie is over-tired then cries for her friend Milly, but they keep telling me they like it here better than Vietnam.

C x



  • Simone

    Post some photos of your house!

  • Nicki Cawood

    You’ll get there! The worst is over now, you are home, semi-sorted and starting to settle. I expect it will all fall back into place very quickly when the school term starts, In the meantime, relegate the other half to fiddly unpacking for laughing at you (Roy would chuckle too as I am such a clumsy oaf!) and enjoy being in your own space x

  • TheBoyandMe

    Oh no, re: finger! Hope you’re ok and not suffering too much? Naughty husband!

  • Simone

    Awesome! Keep unpacking … don’t leave boxes unpacked or they will stay that way for years! Off to Rebecca’s this am for a look at your new iphone purse!!

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