What do you think of your Mia Tui.. Help needed

I need your help please..

I entered a competition "Rattle to Riches" which is part of The Baby Show for Trade, it is a Dragon Den style competition which if you get through to the final in October you can pitch your product to some of the Top Retailers in the UK.

I have made it to the heats next week and boy how I need to get into the final, so if you have a Mia Tui bag or if you have lusted over your friends I need to know why you love it, and why it is so useful.

I really want to demonstrate that Mia Tui bags are different from the other bags on the market, by including real quotes from people who have and use a Mia Tui bag.  So if you have a few minutes to spare drop me an email info@miatui.com or comment below.

Thanks and fingers crossed I get through to the final, it will be my olympics..!

C xx


  • Nicki Cawood

    What a fantastic opportunity! I will email you – I have LOTS to say :)

  • Wendy Hirst (@savvymum4autism)

    I love my MaiTui bag not only is it stylish its very practical as well. I busy mum who rushes from one appointment to the next with the kids. I know that I can pack my Amelie bag in the morning for everything I will need in the day for my 4 children.
    Also with it being so spacious its great for days out. Now I have chance to own a MiaTui bag I would highly recommend MiaTui bag to anyone. Its a bag for all occassions.

  • Wendy Hirst (@savvymum4autism)

    Good luck we all love MiaTui bags x

  • Linda Wegenaar

    I realy love my Mia Tui because it is the perfect combination for me of an usefull, but also very fashionable bag. All the extra pockets and key- or pen holders save a lot of search consuming time.

  • Dominique

    I use my bag for travelling. It fits perfect all my important and expensive stuff and the best thing is that it doesn’t look like a camera bag or a laptop bag, so noone is expecting that i’m carrying all this with me in only one bag! So my camera is in the big compartment, my laptop in the side compartment, my phone in the small one and then there is still space available! Everything is organised which saves me a lot of time and stress.

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