The week that was

It was a big week in my house

Finally the girls got to go to school and start to make some friends and get out of my hair..! I love them dearly but having them around for the past 3 months whilst trying to leave Vietnam and set up home here has to say the least a bit stressful..!

So to my dear Amelie and Mia.. I am sorry that I have been the mother from hell, I know I have moaned all the time, and not been a very fun Mummy. The summer holidays have not really been the action packed event ithey should have been. We will try to come up with some of the highlights for your homework this weekend, and no Mia we will not be putting "we watched a lot of  TV "

What were the highlights.. Gulliver's World, Sleep over with Nanny, London and the butterfly exhibition, Some big Park(can't remember the name) Mia's birthday party, moving into our new house and your new swing set.. I think there is enough here to put down in your homework book.

The girls 1st day at school was Wednesday, they were so excited to be starting and woke up at 4.30am, anyway they went in to their classroom looking a little nervous but not crying..! Lucky for them they are in the same class this year so they didn't feel all alone. Anyway they had a great day, made some friends and fell asleep in the car at 4pm.!

Wednesday was my big day as well, I have got through to the heats of a competition called "Rattle to Riches" it is a dragon styled competition where you get to pitch your product or idea to a panel of buyers. The final is in October and run within the Baby Show for Trade exhibition in Earls Court. If you get through to the final you are then able to pitch your product on a big stage to major UK retailers. This is such a big opportunity for any new company because as you know it is very difficult if near impossible to get in front of these key buyers.

Well I did it, and have got through to the final, they seemed to really love the bags, I had turned the Amelie bag inside out to demonstrate the inside of the bag,  one of the people on the panel kept asking how much is the blue bag..!? I said "there is no blue bag", "no that one" she said pointing to my inside out bag..! The inside of my bags are that nice people think you can wear it on the outside..!

Big thank you to all of you who helped me with feed back on why you love your Mia Tui bags, it was a great help.

C x



    oh God, I forgot again! I’ll ring you now!

  • Karie

    Oh the girls! They’re gorgeous. And I LOVE the bags inside out too…with a little tweaking, hmmm? There may be something there – they look pretty cool. x


    when I first looked at those I thought you had new bags – they look great inside out!
    sorry I never got around to phoning this week, I spent most of the time chasing my tail! I will try you on Tuesday


  • miatui

    Give me a call when you have a spare minute C x

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