Big discounts on Grace Canvas Bags

I am busy sorting out the bags for the up and coming shows and I have stumbled on a problem...!!!

In the packing and shipping process the Grace canvas bags have been slightly marked on the inside, this has been caused by the paint that is used to ink in the handles where the fabric has been cut (an extra cost in the production process) and probably from the humidity of the container it has left a small mark on the inside fabric. Have a look at the tiny mark, it's on the right of the inside pocket.


Now I pride myself on quality so I can't sell these bags at full cost. So I am offering big discounts on the bags on the website.

If you use the code Grace Red or Grace Tan you will be able to buy the bag for £19.99, the bag is in perfect condition apart from the small mark on the inside.

I have 50 Red canvas and 50 Tan canvas to sell at the discounted price.

The Grace comes with a small black insert bag and has the usual Mia Tui features, Water Bottle Holder, Key Clips, Phone and Pen pockets.

You can have a read on a few reviews on the Grace bag

Go to the website to order today.





September 29, 2011 1 tags (show)



miatui said:

My husband has just tried a “magic sponge” on the mark and they go..!!!!


simplyhayley said:

Have just ordered mine! Looks just waht I need!


Karie said:

The product shots are great Charlotte!


Veatriki said:

Loving the look of these bags.

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