Mia Tui reviews

I thought I would collate all the reviews that have been done on the Mia Tui bags in one easy to find page.

I designed the bags to be used for so many different occasions, Work, Baby and Travel, you choose how you use your bag.

How I would use the bags are as follows

Amelie - this is the perfect travel bag for me, it is airline compliant and I know where all my essential things are. Once at my desitination it becomes my beach bag as it is water-proof and the clear bags are for my suncreams, ipod etc.

Use as a....

  • Hospital Bag
  • Work bag
  • Baby bag

Ava - I use this when I am out with the girls, I can fit everything I need for them, water, snacks etc but still have my stuff at hand in the co-orinating clutch.

Use as a...

  • Baby Bag
  • Work bag
  • Travel bag

Grace - this is my everyday bag, I can still take drinks with me and always find phone, pens and keys, I wear it across my body so my hands are free, but if I want to change I just take out the strap and its as traditional handbag

Use as a..

  • Everyday bag
  • Baby bag
  • Light travel bag


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The Boy and Me (@TheBoyandMe)

The Boy and Me (@TheBoyandMe) said:

Oh look, it’s me! I adore my Grace, so much so I’ve bought a red one too. Truly brilliant bags!

Nicki Cawood

Nicki Cawood said:

They really do it all don’t they! I have the Grace (as per the review above) and a gorgeous purple croc Ava which I will be telling people more about on C&C soon. Different bags, both have the same high quality and fashionable aspect going for them. It’s becoming a running joke now, how many times I’ve been asked in the street where I got the Ava from.

Truly gorgeous and highly functional bags!

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