Mia Tui - What next.?

Wow I can't believe that we are at the end of 2011 and that I am now back in the UK, if you would have asked me to predict the past 8 months I would have been so far off of the mark.

It makes me believe that you should enjoy the moment, because you have no clue what is around the corner, and trust that things do happen for a reason.

I am glad that we are back home, the girls now get to see my parents all the time and they really enjoy seeing them and spending time with them, for me also it is nice knowing that they are up the road, and not 2 plane rides away.

I also love that I am seeing my cousin and Auntie again, you know that family member that just makes you laugh so hard, that is my cousin Claire.

I will make the time to stop a bit in 2012 and spend a bit more time with my Mum, having a coffee and a chat, it seems that I have not stopped since we landed in July.

Mia Tui ...

Well probably not the best times to start a business.. in a recession, but at least I have not seen the "good days" and things can only get better..! :-)

I have to keep reminding myself that we have only really been going since October when we did out 1st show in Solihull where I meet @MagentaSkyUK, who brought a bag (Purple Ava) and instantly tweeted about it..!

I have met some fantastic people along the way, and  who knew that blogging and tweeting can really generate interest and sales in the bags..  My Blog roll call of 2011 is the following, these people have gone above the call of duty for me and been some of my biggest supporters









So what is next for Mia Tui, well it is to build on what we have been doing in the past few months, spreading the word about the bags and how fab they are, and that they can be used for so many reasons.

The Amelie bag is the best travel bag or a stylish gym bag, but that is a whole other blog post..!

I ran my 1st Mia Tui at Home party just before christmas, this wonderful, vivacious girl stopped me at a shopping center where I was selling the bags and asked if it was something we did, as she was new to the area and thought it was a good way of inviting her new friends over for a party.

So thanks to the lovely Elyssa the 1st Mia Tui at Home party was a huge success, and has made me get off my backside and get the business model written up, it was always in the business plan, but you know how other things take over.

Elyssa will be the 1st agent for Mia Tui in the Milton Keynes area and she will be running a few parties in the new year, then networking amongst mums at school and nursery.

So one of the 1st things I will be doing in 2012 is launching Mia Tui at Home, I will be looking for agents who would like to have a business that fits in with family life and allows them to earn an extra income.  Mia Tui really works when you show people the bags, then you have them, hooked, it's not a hard sell.. So if know anyone who would be interested send them my way.

The next thing is to get the bags in to shops, so we are attending a big Trade Fair in February at the NEC, hopefully the buyers will love the bags..

I will also been developing a leather range and adding a new style to the range., so watch this space.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me on my way this year,and a special mention to Vikki & Kate two great friends who have been such fantastic supporters. Vikki was the 1st person to buy from the website.

I also want to say a big thank you to two great girls who are behind the scenes, Rachel working on the website & anything technical and is there for any of my "HELP ME" messages and Helen who is working so hard promoting Mia Tui to all the magazines editors.

I am really looking forward to 2012, I can see the momentum growing and people seem to really love Mia Tui bags. I will strive for excellence in Customer Service, and if you have any feedback please pass it my way.

Wishing everyone a fantastic 2012.

Charlotte x


  • The Boy and Me (@TheBoyandMe)

    Thanks for the mention. I support you because a) I love your bags and b) I believe in you. Great things for Mia Tui in the forthcoming year.

  • Catherine (@MummyLion)

    ditto the boy and me really – and i will help in any way i can. fingers crossed! happy and prosperous new year xxx

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  • Karie

    Love you C! Your hardwork is and will continue to payoff – 2012 will be a fantastic year, I know it. xK

  • Nicki Cawood

    It’s been great getting to know you and I look forward to continuing nattering in 2012! As for the bags and the business, your success since you’ve come back to the UK (working like a mad thing while relocating from across the globe, settling the kids and all the rest that comes with it!) speaks for it self.
    Watch out 2012 Charlotte and her Mia Tui bags have plans!! xx

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