Back at the Gym


So I made it to the Gym...

I made it to the gym this morning, I got my husband to drop the kids off at school and I was on the exercise bike by 8.15am and home at my desk by 9.20am, OK I have not showered, but as I work on my own I'm not offending anyone and just as long as I manage to get washed by pick up all is good..!

I joined the gym in December and I have probably been 8 times since, so it is proving quite expensive per visit at the moment., but I am looking to change that.

Exercise has been part of my life since I was about 13, I started running the day after a local marathon,  I was not the slimmest or fasted girl at school but some how I took to running, I would run about 3 miles every day. After about 6 months Dad took me to the local athletics club and I never looked back.

I ran at County and Southern England level at both Track and Cross- Country and travelled most weekends to compete, I loved it, being part of a club and training with your coach every day made you feel part of something.

I also trained to become an aerobics instructor when I was 18, this has probably been my single best qualification, I have only ever taught part-time, but when moving around the UK for my job I would always teach and this allowed me to make new friends.

Then when I started living abroad I set up classes where I lived or taught in clubs, most of my closest friends both in the UK, Hong Kong and Vietnam have been made through teaching and exercising.

So how come for the past 9 months have I only exercised maybe 10 times..?

Time is probably the main factor, starting a new business, looking after a 5 & 6-year-old, cleaning, washing, cooking, home work, (note I didn't put ironing, that's because I don't iron, if you get the clothes out from the tumble dryer as it finishes and shake it's not too bad!) oh how the list goes on.

The effect on me and not exercising is quite dramatic.. I haven't really put on weight which is good, but the effect on my mental well-being is huge.

Both my kids are horrible sleepers, but exercise I am sure helped me cope with this lack of sleep, still at 5 & 6 they don't sleep, I thought I had it crack but we are back to square one.

I now find I am short with the kids, my moods go from high to low- and this is something I have never experienced before.  I truly believe this has to do with exercise, so I am going to make the time, even if I have to get up early.

Do you manage to fit in any exercise.?








  • Kate M

    I’m an absolute advocate of excercise to achieve a healthy balance and mind, I totally agree that excercise can lift your mood and improve your mental well being and sleep! I also know how hard it is to fit it in to your day, but when you do, you feel so much better for it! You inspired me 10 years ago to start taking time to excercise, and I still have vivid memories of getting off a 13 hour flight to HK and attending one of your aerobics classes where you absolutlely wore me out and you were 4 or 5 months pregnant! ha! I’m glad you’re going for it again, Swansea 10k with me??

  • Sarah P

    I feel the same hun. Even now I am thinking that I need to go for a run today and when can I fit it in!! Glad you’re back at the gym and when I get back home we can try to motivate each other a bit more! Maybe the spin bike will have to make an appearance this morning. Either that or a Bodypump video. That way I’ll be joining you tomorrow with the aching muscles! :-)

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