Where did Mia Tui bags go this summer..?

The summer is finally over.. well it didn't really get started did it..!

But we made up for the lack of sunshine with putting on the greatest Olympics and Paralympics the world has ever seen. I made it to the closing ceremony of the Paralympics and it was an amazing experience.

So where did you take your Mia Tui bags to this summer, mine went to Spain, and for plenty of days out, I even found out that the Amelie bag fits under the seat in front of you in the plane..!

You can see in this picture the bag under a plane seat and an Amelie bag packed ready for a flight with kids.



Grace went to the Harry Potter studios, you can see her outside 4 Privet Drive & in the Hogwarts Great Hall


The Olympics and Paralympics played a big part of the summer for the bags...


Then the bags headed abroad to some exotic places.. from Croatia, Greece, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Egypt, Paris, New York City & Florida.




Glamping in the UK



The bags headed to London and saw the sights..



And of course the Mia Tui bags make fantastic travel bags.


And on the beach..


Mia Tui bags were seen on 3 continents. Europe, America, and Asia and we are going from strength to strength..

So now it brings me to the hardest point to name the 3 winners..

Karen Bethall - she took her bags all over, Amsterdam, Harry Potter and to Wimbledon
Tracey Smyth - took her Amelie to Egypt
Ria Eldur - who took her Ava to London to see the sights

Thank you to everyone who took part, it was amazing to see where you took your Mia Tui bags, but most of all thank you for your continued support.

Keep posting pictures of your bags.

Charlotte x












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