My Next Baby Needs A Name

 We have been busy over Christmas making new Mia Tui bags to bring joy to you all..!

However this new baby needs a name.

Please either post your name in Facebook or here in the comments.

Winner will win the new bag before anyone else can get their hands on one.

Closing date 6th January 2013

December 30, 2012


Nicola scullion (rose)

Nicola scullion (rose) said:

I would love to win this beautiful bag, all these bags are absolutly amazing !

Heather todd

Heather todd said:

How about Belle. It is a beautiful bag after all


Dionne said:

It needs to be in keeping with Amelie grace Ava and Sophia. So I think Eleanor :-) but also Imogen or Lacey are gorgeous too!

Kerry Goodhew

Kerry Goodhew said:

I think the new bag should be named “Lydia” after my gorgeous little 3 week old daughter. This would be an amazing early birthday present for me and a great addition to my Mia Tui collection (in progress) of the Grace and Ava.

Ailsa sims

Ailsa sims said:

Ailsa Sims

Heather Bilton

Heather Bilton said:

Wow simply stunning!! I love the colour red and the name Scarlett so that’s my daughters name and I think it would really suit the bag,I also like the name Eve to tie in with Christmas x

Rachel Goswell

Rachel Goswell said:

Looks lovely! Is it size wise similar to the Sophia? My name choice is lays going to be Esme! Xx

Andra johnston

Andra johnston said:

Oh god that is gorgeous, loving the colour


Nikki said:

Rouge Sac. It’s French chic??

clare nicholas

clare nicholas said:

Holly Berries

Kiera McDonald

Kiera McDonald said:

Amber or Taylor

Cat Britton

Cat Britton said:



cookiejarlife said:

Ooo.. it looks gorgeous!
I can’t decide between the names…

Ooo.. it looks gorgeous!
I can’t decide between the names…Melody or Talia.

Irmela Johnston

Irmela Johnston said:

sandra: Helper of Humanity, Greek female
Caitlyn: Pure Beauty , Celtic/Gaelic female
or of course Lucy :)

Stacey Garrity

Stacey Garrity said:



Littlefellasmum said:

I think you should call your new baby Ella. A sophisticated name for a sophisticated bag.

Catherine @mummylion

Catherine @mummylion said:

I think……Catherine is a lovely name!!

How many guesses are we allowed? My late Grandma was called Regina (with a dutch accent, ie re-gh-eena not reg-eye-na). She hated her name but I like it, probably because it was just hers. Still miss her!

Lucinda Barton

Lucinda Barton said:

Oh what about Poppy, Gillia or Lucia?

Tania @ Larger Family Life

Tania @ Larger Family Life said:

I think you should name your baby after my new baby – Isobel! Why? Because they are both beautiful and I want to take them everywhere with me!

Val O'Donovan

Val O'Donovan said:

How about Ariel?

Gemma Mortimer

Gemma Mortimer said:

The Scarlett pimpernel

Hannah Clementson

Hannah Clementson said:

Aphrodite – Goddess of love and beauty :) <3 xx

Leah Hernandez

Leah Hernandez said:



jo said:

I’ll have to choose Petula again, in honour of Ms Clark and the fab ‘Downtown’ song. Aw, look – see a lovely red Petula bag – you know it makes sense :-)


Samantha Bourne

Samantha Bourne said:

I would love to call this bag something really strong but a very feminine name. My suggestions would be ‘Charlotte’ or ‘Erin’. It is a gorgeous looking bag and such a pretty colour x

shobhana shanmugavel

shobhana shanmugavel said:

I would like to call this bag as ‘Mitra’-which means friend.mia tui bags are user friendly and i thought it would be a perfect name for it.

many thanks

Cheryll Hastie

Cheryll Hastie said:

Tiana :)


Eloise said:

I think you should name it after me….Eloise x

Lee Sherwood

Lee Sherwood said:


Lisa glowacki

Lisa glowacki said:

I have suggested via Facebook but wanted to add here. Ana (Grey) as in Annastasia from the 50 shades of Grey book as the red colour reminds me of Christian Grey!

Ann Marie Coyle

Ann Marie Coyle said:

I think a nice name would be Alice :-)


Kelly said:



Ali said:

I think Evie. It looks soft but also means business too :-)

Julie bill

Julie bill said:

Lillian, Eliza, Mary or Minnie

sam jeffs

sam jeffs said:

Bit late sorry – meant to do this earlier and the last week has disappeared…

But if you’re still looking for names for your bag, how about Lauren, Elise or Eliza?

Best wishes

Hannah Edwards

Hannah Edwards said:

I think the Carter bag (cartera is spanish for bag and v close and carter a strong name!) Failing that it looks like a Dexter, Harrison or the Noah bag.

If it s unisex name(as unisex bag) then maybe the Joe bag (as jo in girl too!) and my little boy is JOe!

But Carter is my favourite!

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