My Next Baby Needs A Name

 We have been busy over Christmas making new Mia Tui bags to bring joy to you all..!

However this new baby needs a name.

Please either post your name in Facebook or here in the comments.

Winner will win the new bag before anyone else can get their hands on one.

Closing date 6th January 2013


  • Hannah Edwards

    I think the Carter bag (cartera is spanish for bag and v close and carter a strong name!) Failing that it looks like a Dexter, Harrison or the Noah bag.

    If it s unisex name(as unisex bag) then maybe the Joe bag (as jo in girl too!) and my little boy is JOe!

    But Carter is my favourite!

  • sam jeffs

    Bit late sorry – meant to do this earlier and the last week has disappeared…

    But if you’re still looking for names for your bag, how about Lauren, Elise or Eliza?

    Best wishes

  • Julie bill

    Lillian, Eliza, Mary or Minnie

  • Ali

    I think Evie. It looks soft but also means business too :-)

  • Kelly


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