We need another name..!

We have a new style coming out in July, it is a smaller take on the Grace bag.

This bag has an adjustable shoulder strap and a zipped back pocket. As with all the other Mia Tui bags you can zip the bag closed and it has our unique interior.

In this bag you get a small clutch bag, phone/pen holder and key clip.

It is big enough to take a full sized iPad and the feedback from the lucky few who have got to road test this bag is, it is a great everyday bag.

So now we need a name.. please add your choice of name below, or on the Facebook page www.facebook.com.miatui

Lines close 10pm on the 23rd June and the winner will win one of the new bags Aubergine.



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Lindsay Marriott

Lindsay Marriott said:

I think you should name your new bag the Darcy after the beautiful young lady, 18mths old, asleep peacefully next to me on the sofa. She is not my 18 month old, I just look after her while her mummy is working xxx

Jan donoghue

Jan donoghue said:

Evie, or rose.

This looks lovely :-)

Lucinda Barton

Lucinda Barton said:

Looks like a Jessica to me :)

Andrea Dodd

Andrea Dodd said:

My idea is The Olivia, or The Faith after my Daughter :)


Alice said:

You have a Grace and an Ava so are clearly fans of beautiful old-time movie stars – so how about Audrey? xx

Melissa breckon

Melissa breckon said:

Alex as its cute, stylish, and practical.

Paulette Emert

Paulette Emert said:

The name could be……the Maylie Bag : )

Lisa Ruddy

Lisa Ruddy said:

This bag should be called the Tallulah. It’s small, sassy and cute.

Sandy Calico

Sandy Calico said:


Eileen Teo

Eileen Teo said:

Stardom bag

Mihaila Carmen

Mihaila Carmen said:

The new name can be…Nicole .My second name..

Lorna Wall

Lorna Wall said:



jennie said:

My eldest daughter is Esther Grace her little sister was Baby Tilda.
As this is the smaller version of the Grace could it be the Tilda bag? Tilly bag? Matilda bag? The Mae?
A lovely bag by the way and will be beautiful in Aubergine x

Anita Richards

Anita Richards said:

My suggestion for this bag is ‘ALEXIA’

Lexi for everyday and Alexia for those special times

Love all of your bags

Anita Richards

Hannah Edwards

Hannah Edwards said:

I think it should be named the ‘Abi’ bag. my daughter is called abigail…Abi for short and she is the youngest of my clan so its apt the smaller grace should be an Abi! Plus I think the name Abi (or Abigail) is very in keeping with all the other Mia Tui bags!

Emma Coles

Emma Coles said:

Elodie bag after my little daughter born last Thursday

Emma hunt

Emma hunt said:


Katy McCafferty

Katy McCafferty said:

Maisie Mimi or Minnie

Nikki Thomas

Nikki Thomas said:

I think lily would be a good name

laura holmes

laura holmes said:

My suggestion is


Charlotte said:

This bag should be called the ‘Minnie Grace’ or the ‘Isla’ bag :)

Mary Ballard

Mary Ballard said:

What a gorgeous bag! Love that it can fit a variety of things- handy for day to day outings.
I think Ascella would make a great name- it’s a name of a Star and as there is a star at the end of the zip
- thought it was appropriate.

nicci cowdell-murray

nicci cowdell-murray said:

Evie and why , well … youre bags are much longed after …like our little Evie due in september … we’ve been trying for ages and had a few set backs along the way
Im @chanson2010 on twitter

Jacinta Zechariah

Jacinta Zechariah said:

Stella for it being such a star product or Diva since it is a bag for one!

Claire TOplis

Claire TOplis said:



jessica said:


chantelle hazelden

chantelle hazelden said:

I also commented on the Facebook page with the name Mariah (biggest bag for the biggest diva)


Kara said:

I’m sure I always make the same suggestion, but I think it should be the “Eliza”


Kara said:

Or “Bella”

Cheryl Huey

Cheryl Huey said:

I would name the bag either Katarina or Kristen.


Dionne said:

Immy or Lacey or mini grace like u have mini Amelie x

Karen young

Karen young said:

How about the Cara?


Lyndsay said:

How about a Luci?

Tina Gray

Tina Gray said:

Thank you Charlotte for my lovely Amelie bag that I won in you recent competition. It will be my “hand” luggage for my holiday in NYC later this year. I have entered your competition today suggesting a name for your latest bag ! xxx

Samantha Willmett

Samantha Willmett said:

How about ‘Violet’ (my daughter’s name) for your new bag?

Tracey England

Tracey England said:

How about Nicole x

Mary-Ann Roche

Mary-Ann Roche said:


Kay Hallsworth

Kay Hallsworth said:

Lizzie or Beth in recognition of HM Queens anniversary of coronation


Gemma said:

I love my Grace bag and think its smaller counterpart should be called Darcie. My daughter is called Grace and her baby sister is Darcie! It’s the perfect dancers bag too!

My second vote would be for Lydia as that’s Grace’s other sister!!

Good luck deciding I’m sure you’ll have lots of beautiful names to choose from!


Lyndsay said:

Eryn or Gracie

Caroline McLoone

Caroline McLoone said:

I would call the bag Sofia

Kelly Strudwick

Kelly Strudwick said:


Rachel Dewar

Rachel Dewar said:

I think the bag should be called ‘Phoebe’


Allie said:


pam clare

pam clare said:



Sammy said:

I love my Mia Tui GRACE bag and purse to match that I have in pewter colour. I use it every day – it is so spacious and easy to carry –
Joan Willen Milton Keynes

Joanna Carson

Joanna Carson said:

I would naturally nominate my little girl’s name because she is mine and I love her name, but I would like to nominate another name, Matilda Mae. The Matilda Mae bag. Sounds lovely and would be a lovely tribute for @Edspire. Plus you could consider a small donation of each bag sold to go to the Lullaby Trust.

Kelly c

Kelly c said:



christian said:

- iTravel
- starbag


Catherine said:



Kate said:

I think you should call it the Caroline, as it is a smaller version of the Grace and Princess Caroline was Grace Kelly’s first daughter.

Sam wright

Sam wright said:

I was thinking as there is a French theme with the names how about Genevieve. A very pretty name .

Catherine Britton

Catherine Britton said:

Its a Clara, my little girl’s name, cutier than the original, can pack a lot in, knows how to handle an IPad and Mummy loves it x

mary mahon

mary mahon said:

Wee Gracie (like Mini Amelie), Petite Grace, or Greta


Alison said:


Louise Whitehead

Louise Whitehead said:

Lola x


Janice said:

anne or lizzie. This bag is lovely. Another to add tommy birthday list ;-)

Emily Anderson

Emily Anderson said:

Late entry but I wanted to wait until our baby was born and put forward our girls name as my suggestion. We did have a little girl in the end and named her Florence which I would love to suggest for the new bag. If I win her Nanny gets the price :) xx

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