We had some exciting news this week, as many of you will be aware Jane McDonald loves using her Mia Tui bags. If you have watched her recent “Cruising With” series, you will have seen Jane using a variety of our styles amongst others, the Emma, Megan and Lottie. So, on Friday morning when Jane posted a picture across her social media platforms of her in the sunshine with the handbag that we named after her you can imagine the whoops of excitement at Mia Tui HQ!

Exposure like this is a dream to any business, if you could see the team at our respective homes on a Friday night at 9pm when Jane’s “Cruising With” series is airing, you would see our excitement as we take hundreds of images of the TV every time Jane is using one of her bags! Needless to say, having Jane actually pose with a Mia Tui rather than us grabbing images from the TV is amazing!

 We will continue to work with Jane in the future, we know many of you are Jane fans and have been on a first cruise since watching her series. The Jennie and Mini Jen are perfect for travel and we often receive messages from many of you telling us how easy they have made your travels.


To celebrate Jane’s fab picture, we currently have a Jane Bundle Offer running on the website. We are giving a FREE Lily, Beau and Sue with every full price Jane purchase. Use code JN24 to receive this offer when ordering.

Also, this week Charlotte quickly organised a photo shoot for the Spring Summer colour bags. We had been eagerly awaiting the sun to get some great images and this week was just perfect! We enlisted Charlotte’s Mum Christine to assist with modeling and her Dad Lenny became David Bailey for the day.


We are fortunate to be based close to the very pretty Woburn village which makes a great backdrop for the images. None of us are particularly comfortable in front of the lens but the important thing is to give our customers an image of real women using our bags which is what we hope has come across in the pictures. Of course, it’s not just as easy as taking some pics, the light has to be right, no shadowing, clean and crisp focus … I think you get the picture!


Charlotte then has to spend time selecting the images she wants to use on the website, this can take time as so many pictures are taken. But by Thursday afternoon she had them all live.

We took the first pictures of the most recent Sue eco shopper designed by my daughter Jess, which is the London theme. You may have already seen them on the website. We have the Black Taxi, Red Telephone Box and Blue Tower Bridge. They are proving to be incredibly popular and as you can see from the images we took they are both practical and really stylish for an eco-shopper! You can currently purchase a set of 3 for only £12. Just use code SUE12 at checkout.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading a little about our week here at Mia Tui. I look forward to seeing what next week brings.



  • Mandy

    I just have to say how wonderful the customer service is. The lady I spoke to was so helpful and patient with me as I can’t make a decision! I can’t wait to start using my bag and I’m hoping to build up a collection!

  • Sarah-Jane

    I love all my Mia Tui bags. Took my Lottie to Cheshire Oaks outlets yesterday. An assistant in a bag shop took down the details she was so impressed with it! So funny when she sold bags!

  • Sam

    Hi I love your bags and have quite a few. Could you put the Jane over your shoulder without the cross body strap? The photos are great as it shows you using them in everyday situations, keep up the good work!!

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