Luxury Scented Candles

Our luxury scented candles will fill your home with decadent fragrances and evoke your senses.

Our candles are hand-poured in the UK using organic wax made from coconut & rapeseed oil that is free from enhancers and additives.

This candle is 100% natural and uses no wax additives or fragrance enhancers


Oak & Cedarwood is the fragrance men notice! With gentle woody undertones, we believe this scent is perfect for you if you prefer a more earthy aroma.  It fills the room without being overly heavy.


Think of walking through the garden in the Sunshine with the heady aroma of a Honeysuckle filling the air. Add to that the gentle more earthy grass tones that Vetiver brings to the mix and we think you will agree that this fragrance will fill your home with a fresh yet floral scent.


This fragrance is reminiscent of a carefree Summer Day, hence the name. Imagine a garden full of beautiful Summer flowers in bloom, filled with a light mix of soft floral tones drifting gently through the air.


Think of an explosion of white flowers reminiscent of Gardenia and Jasmine combined with the gentle saltiness that fills the air on a coastal walk. This scent may not be easy to describe but it is a very different fragrance that will envelop the senses.

To get the most from your candle allow it to burn for a minimum of 3/4 hours to achieve a complete melting pool and a full scent throw.

Our candles have a burn time of 45 hours provided the wick is trimmed prior to every burn to avoid overheating the wax and discoloration.

Wax: Coconut & Rapeseed 
Wick Unbleached cotton