Portable Chargers

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With a slim, lightweight portable charger in your bag or pocket, it's easy to charge up anywhere. 10,000 mAh can recharge a state-of-the-art smartphone up to 2.5 times over, providing an additional 24 hours of call time or 15 hours of web browsing. 

Efficient battery cells provide maximum output of power while also being extremely safe during use. The batteries include sensors that monitor heat, voltage and circuitry. Excess heat, voltage fluctuation or circuit abnormalities activate an override that shuts the battery down immediately for ultimate safety.

  • 10000mah High capacity
  • Durable, lightweight, ultra slim design
  • Rapid charge

Portable charger for all Smartphone, Tablet PC, PSP, Digital Camera, Media Player etc.

Comes with cable for charging, you use your own cable to charge your devices.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Please note that we are unable to ship the power chargers overseas due to shipping regulations. If they are included as part of a bundle we will replace the charger with products to the same value. 

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.