How to choose your Mia Tui travel bag

We have a few different styles of travel bags, hopefully catering to everyone who is off on their holidays, all of our bags fit under the seat in front of you.


The Jennie, Mini Jen and Zoe are our travel bags that can be placed over the handles of your suitcase, allowing your bag to easily sit on top of your suitcase.

The Jennie Travel Bag



Jennie is our largest travel bag, and best suited to people who like to take a lot with them in their hand luggage, or maybe when travelling with a family.

Due to the size of this bag, I think that if you are under 5ft 5" you may want to consider one of our other bags.


The Mini Jen Travel Bag


Mini Jen is "Jennie's little sister, slightly shorter and not quite as wide, but don't be fooled by the "Mini" this is still a roomy travel bag. 


The Zoe Travel Bag


Zoe is your lightweight option when you need an amazing travel bag with all the organisation a Mia Tui bag brings, but you don't need to take the kitchen sink.

How does the Zoe differ from Mini Jen? the main difference is you don't get a detachable x-body strap, but the internal configuration is exactly the same. 


Sydney Backpack


The Sydney is our backpack, which can be used by both men and women, the padding on the back of the bag and straps makes this backpack very comfortable to use.

Padded laptop section and the front pocket is insulated making it perfect for keeping food or drink cool.