Scarves SALE - Multiple Designs

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A scarf is a perfect accessory for any outfit. Whether you like to be bold with your colour choice or prefer it to complement your clothes and handbag, our range of scarves offers you a chance to express yourself in style.

Our selection incorporates flamingos, feathers, flowers, spots and tassels. With some Rose Gold and Silver foil imprints, these would be suitable for day or evening wear or even as a beach cover-up.

Scarf compositions and approximate measurements:

Dusky Pink, Navy & Berry with Tassels: 90cms x 185cms 100% Polyester

Beige with Painterly Feathers: 180cms x 100cms 100% Viscose

Black with Aqua and Mint Flowers: 180cms x 100cms 100% Viscose

Leopard with Red Stripe: 180cms x 85cms 100% Polyester

Berry Floral Garden: 90cms x 200cms 100% Viscose