How to choose a changing bag and what to pack

One of the rare baby essentials that is actually for you is your changing bag.
You’ve given up your body, bank balance and any extra space you once had for your tiny tot, but finally you get a little treat just for you– hurrah!

However, like everything else in pregnancy and child care, choosing a good changing bag is essential for an easier life once you start getting out and about.

Your new bag may become your only accessory for the next 6-12 months, it’ll be used daily, taken away for weekend breaks and holidays, and judged by everyone from your NCT group, Mummy friends to your mother in law – after all she will probably need to borrow it on occasion.

Suddenly choosing a baby changing bag can probably seems like a bigger challenge than you first anticipated. So we have devised a number of key points to consider when choosing your first changing bag and why! There are many styles available on the market today, and they all claim to offer something ‘unique’ in terms of style or functionality however finding a brand that offers you both are key:

© Style – How does this bag make you feel? Stylish? Frumpy? ‘Mummsy?’ This bag needs to enhance your style, so be sure it makes you feel great. This may be the only bag you use for the next 12 months!
© Space – You can never have enough space inside your bag. From birth to toddler your little one will come with a pretty hefty amount of luggage.
© Straps – do they fit around your buggy/ pram handles? Does it come with additional straps? Can they be altered/ extended?
© Pockets – how many? Do they take up much space or are they compact? Will they fit all/ any gadgets? Is there a pocket for your phone or a pen?
© Bottle holders – Does it come with one or two? Are they space efficient? Are they insulated?
© Extras – Is there a key clip? Does it come with a matching purse? Is there a changing mat? Is there a place for everything?

A well designed bag should allow you to fit all of your baby’s essentials as well as your purse, mobile keys and anything else you may want to take out with you. Believe us - there will be a lot to fit in, so below is a check list for first time Mums embarking on that all important first full day out and about:

© 6x Nappies
© Wipes
© Barrier cream
© 2 x Bottle (if bottle feeding)
© 2 x Pre made milk carton (if bottle feeding)
© 2 x Bibs
© 2 X Muslin Squares
© Changing Mat
© Change of clothes
© Purse
© Keys
© Mobile Phone
© Book
© Toy
© Dummy

As you can see, there are a fair few items on this list, so choosing a bag that allows you to get organised before walking out the door would be ideal – Looks for something with lots of pockets, zips and clips that will limited any ‘rummaging!’

Mia Tui’s Minnie Amelie, Ella and Sofia have all been designed with stamina to accommodate a big day out with your little one.

Each bag come in a chic style and is available in a number of colours, including bights, neutrals and darks to ensure that there is a style that will work well with your wardrobe.

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