Hannah Maccaig Collection

Meet Hannah MacCaig
Textile Designer | Nature Enthusiast | Art Aficionado

Welcome to the vibrant world of Hannah MacCaig, a pioneering Textile Designer based in the bustling heart of London, currently enriching her expertise with a MA in Textiles at the prestigious Royal College of Art.

Hannah's journey into the realm of textile design is fueled by a lifelong affair with art and an unwavering passion for the natural world. Her deep-seated appreciation for the countryside, with its endless palette of colors and textures, serves as the cornerstone of her creative explorations. It is this profound connection to nature that infuses each of her designs with a soul-stirring essence, truly setting her work apart.

At the core of Hannah's design process is a commitment to originality and personal touch. Every piece begins its life on paper, meticulously hand-drawn or painted with the finesse of a true artisan. This foundational step is crucial, ensuring that the transition from artwork to printed textile retains the warmth, intricacy, and emotional depth of the initial creation.

Hannah's designs are more than just fabrics; they are narratives woven from the threads of her artistic vision and environmental reverence. They invite onlookers to embark on a visual journey, one that bridges the gap between the tactile world of textiles and the ethereal beauty of the natural landscape.

As Hannah continues to forge her path in the world of textile design, her work remains a testament to the power of combining traditional artistry with modern innovation.

Explore Hannah's collection and experience the fusion of art, nature, and design in a way that only she can manifest.