Mia Tui Factory in Vietnam




We're immensely proud of our Mia Tui factory in Vietnam. Often, factories in the Far East are associated with poor conditions and unethical practices. However, our factory stands in stark contrast to these stereotypes, and I'm excited to share our unique story.

The journey began back in 2010 when I was inspired to create a travel bag. Finding the right factory was a daunting task, especially with language barriers and my lack of experience in design and production. Thankfully, my friend Guy from Canada introduced me to several factories. Armed with an interpreter and a car, I set out to find the perfect partner.

Initially, many factories turned me away, considering my project too small. But everything changed when I met Van, the sister of one factory owner. Fluent in English, she was instrumental in bridging communication gaps. Van saw potential in my vision and offered her support.

Together, we created our first few samples, focusing on a travel bag designed to allow easy access to your belongings. Initially, production was modest – in a room above someone's house. We then expanded to collaborate with women in rural areas, enabling them to work from home, care for their families, and earn a livelihood.

Fast forward 13 years and we now operate a fantastic factory with a dedicated team passionate about crafting Mia Tui bags. As we look forward to the next decade, we're excited to continue offering stylish, practical Mia Tui bags that resonate with our customers.

Come and meet Charlotte & Van as they talk about the Mia Tui journey.