About Mia Tui


Mia Tui was born in 2010 after I’d spent years searching for the perfect bag that would suit my busy lifestyle.

I’m a mother of two, working, going to the gym (well maybe twice a year!), taxi to two girls, out shopping and travelling.

I found that all my bags were just empty sacks, you would have a phone holder and maybe an inside pocket, but that was about it, and all the interiors were black (who can find anything in a black hole!)

I designed Mia Tui bags to be the busy woman’s best friend – it is stylish yet completely practical. There is a place for everything, and most of the bags come with their own accessory bags, so you can nip out to lunch with your clutch bag, or easily find your passports.

The inside of our bags have brightly coloured lining, this is so you can actually see into your bag, have you ever tried to find anything in a "black-hole" We also have a clip for you keys, so you are never digging around for your house or car key.. it's the little things! 

I was living in Vietnam when I created Mia Tui, and we still have all our bags made there today in my friend Van's factory, which is under the Mia Tui brand name.

Van is just like me, we're trying to compete with the big companies but we want to do things better, great products and amazing customer service!

We’re very proud that our team comes before anything else. After all that’s where quality starts, in the hands of our craftsmen and women.

Our bags are made with the highest quality fabrics and we do not use any animal based products throughout the whole Mia Tui bag range, so suitable for Vegans .

We now offer a stunning range of Clothes, Shoes personally curated by me.

It’s not an understatement to say I love Mia Tui and I’m dedicated to seeing us grow and develop. I hope you’ll come along for what I’m sure will be an exciting journey.

Charlotte x

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