How To Care For Your Mia Tui Bag

Buying a new handbag is an investment and we want you to know the best possible way to look after your Mia Tui bag to keep it looking and feeling great for many years to come. 

First of all we hope your bag arrived in perfect condition.

On the rare occasions there may be a little indentation or crease in the fabric due to shipping, these can easily be removed with heat from hairdryer on a high setting (don't worry this will not damage the bag and can withstand high heat) 

Mia Tui Bags are made from THE best quality man made faux leather (also known as PU) fabric available. it is a great vegan-friendly option as it is man-made and entirely animal cruelty-free.


On the inside: 

  • If your Mia Tui bag doesn't come with a matching pouch or clutch, then why not use our multi-purpose organiser bags and clear PVCs to keep your makeup, lotions and potions safe whilst in use.
  • Carry pens with caps rather than clicker pens that can be accidentally clicked on leaving ink stains inside your bag.
  • Make it a regular job to tidy and clean out your bag so that any spillages aren't left to stain. 
  • We suggest using a Magic Sponge (available from supermarkets) with some warm soapy water to keep your bag looking and smelling fresh. 

On the Outside:

Please do not put your Mia Tui bags in the washing machine. 

  • PU fabric is easy to clean as long as you do it right! 
  • Mix water with a small amount of mild dish soap or laundry detergent (harsh detergents will cause drying)
  • Dip a non-abrasive cloth (like the magic sponge or microfibre cloth) into the mixture. 
  • Test the mixture on a small area of the bag (we suggest the strap if at all possible) Check there is no discolouration before applying the mixture to the actual mark or stain. 
  • Gently wash the stain/mark by hand using the cloth. If the stain is deep-set and proving to be stubborn, try using a small amount of vinegar instead. In addition to being safe for use on PU fabric, vinegar also helps get rid of odours from stains naturally. 
  • Let your bag air dry completely. If you store away before you have allowed the bag to fully dry, this can cause mould and bacteria to grow on the fabric. 

Maintaining the quality:

  • Clean from time to time on the outside and ensure you stay on top of general marks and grease deposits that can build up from regular use of your bag. 
  • Wipe down using the methods shown above. 

How to stop the fabric cracking:

  • As PU fabric mimics animal based leather, it can be prone to cracking if not properly cared for. 
  • Cracking is primarily due to the effect of UVB rays on the molecular structure of the fabric, resulting in PU compounds becoming brittle enough to crack. 
  • We therefore advise you never to leave your bags in extreme sunlight, if your bag came with a dust bag always store in this (never put away if wet) 

Storing your Bag:

  • Never hang your bag to store them (this may put pressure on the strap connectors and can wear seams prematurely)
  • Don't store your bags in plastic bags, not only can plastic bags trap moisture, leading to mould and mildew, but plastic can become stuck to the faux leather and ruin it. 
  • Always check the hardware is not scratching any bag stored next to it.  

Our bags are supple yet extremely hard-wearing and long-lasting. 

Despite this, we all know how easy it can be for accidents to happen and without realising how or when. You may find an odd scrape here and there that won't get better with a wipe down. 

With this in mind, we sell paint in most colours that we manufacture our bags in to repair any minor accidents. You can choose how much to purchase and the paint can be easily applied to the area with a small paint or cosmetic brush. (Do not use brush for any other use)

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