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Unfold: Pack: Go!

Let's make travel a doddle with our easily foldable travel bag.

Meet the ultimate travel companion! The Expander-LITE offers an unbeatable combination of spaciousness and lightness, ensuring your journeys are always hassle free from hassle.

As with all our Travel Bags the Expander-LITE has a pocket on the back that slips over the handles of your suitcase, so your bag fits easily on top of your suitcase.

The pocket will fit over suitcase handles 18cm wide - standard suitcase handles.

"Experience Effortless Journeys with our New Expander-LITE Foldable Travel Bag: Ultra-Lightweight, Organised, Expandable, and Neatly Tucks into its own Compact Pouch"

Folded:     W29cm / 11" H19cm / 7.5" D5cm / 2"
Standard: W40cm / 16" H28cm / 11" D22cm / 9"
Extended: W40cm / 16" H41cm / 16" D22cm / 9"


Machine Wash on Cold and no fabric softener to be added.