Mia Tui Under Threat From TUI AG

Mia Tui is my company, it's not a big company, but we have big ambitions.

We just want to make bags that help in your everyday life, so you can easily find things instead of having to search a black hole. We have designed pockets that run around the inside of the bag, which come with their own accessory bags; a clutch bag for your purse and things, and a clear bag for make- up travel liquids etc.

There are clips for your keys, phone and pen holders, and the interior fabric is bright colour so you can see in your bag and is water resistant. 

We have had our fair shares of ups and downs, we are small so things can be really tough sometimes, but I can honestly say I love Mia Tui, and I believe that we can grow into something big

We now have a BIG problem, one that could really end Mia Tui, we have applied for the Trade Mark "Mia Tui" we already have the logo trademarked back in 2010, but I was advised to apply for the text of Mia Tui.

TUI AG (you know that multi billion pound travel company) has opposed our trademark application.

The first I heard of this when I got a letter from their solicitors asking me to voluntarily remove my application, when I didn't comply they have officially objected to our application. 

The reason TUI AG is citing is "confusion on the part of the public" you tell me where I am confusing the public, I sell bags they sell holidays!! TUI AG has registered TUI in every trade classification that exists. 

The idea for Mia Tui was conceived during the time I was living in Vietnam, and Mia Tui means “My Bag” in Vietnamese. My time in Vietnam was essential for the conception of the brand and is still at the heart of the company which is why I thought Mia Tui was an apt name for the bags. The name is very important to me and the brand. 

I don't have the money to take-on TUI AG, but we have spirit and an amazing loyal customer base.

I am having to fight this on my own as we can't afford to rack up legal fees, hopefully the Intellectual Property Office will see senses and realise that we are not taking any of TUI AG customers away because we are called Mia Tui.. We sell bags and not holidays..!!

I need your help, if you can to spread the word of Mia Tui, tell all your friends and family about our amazing bags, hopefully I can get enough momentum behind Mia Tui to allow me to win the battle and continue to design and sell more bags.

The thought of me having to give up Mia Tui is something I don’t want to think about, it is my 3rd child, I have invested too much time and money to see it go.

Please help, if you do have any advice then email me at info@miatui.com





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