Our Response to TUI AG

This is TUI AG official statement...

TUI is continuously monitoring its registered trademarks on an international scale in order to safeguard TUI's intellectual property rights. In doing so we merely look at trademark criteria, not at company size or other factors.

The only decisive factor is whether there is likelihood of confusion between the trademarks concerned. In the case under consideration, "Mia Tui", TUI sees this fact as being applicable.

TUI is the most recognised travel brand in Europe and the company also markets bags and backpacks under its trademark "TUI" through its online shops. Its brand "TUI" enjoys protection in a number of countries all over the world, inter alia the UK.

Therefore, after our attempt to reach an amicable solution with the proprietor of the trademark "Mia Tui" failed, an opposition against the registration of this trademark was filed with the UK Intellectual Property Office.

The decision will be purely on legal grounds. It is our only intention to protect our brand from being diluted towards our customers

Mia Tui's Statement in response to TUI AG:

We have read the statement released by TUI AG, and have been astounded by the lack of morals and empathy the company seem to have for our situation. TUI AG have stated that they are only looking at ‘trade mark criteria’ rather than ‘company size or other factors.’ When dealing with a small business like Mia Tui, we believe this to be a bit heartless, we expected more from TUI especially since they claim to pride themselves on their ‘awareness of responsibility to society’ and that they are ‘committed to economic, ecological and social development at our locations and destinations.’

Mia Tui is a small business with big ambition, in the UK we only employ 2 members of staff, but the production of our bags keeps approximately 20 Vietnamese craftsmen and women in regular work. We take huge pride in supporting jobs in Vietnam and even offer Mia Tui Craftsmen and women a Skills and Development programme to ensure the people are well supported. Our people are what is important to us at Mia Tui - After all that’s where quality starts, in the hands of our craftsmen and women!

If TUI AG’s trademark opposition continues, it risks the future of Mia Tui, meaning all our hard work has been for nothing, and not only jeopardising British jobs but ending our essential work with the factory in Vietnam.

TUI AG we are asking you to have little more awareness and understand for our situation and take a bit more responsibility for the potential consequences this Trade mark opposition could mean. Please reconsider your opposition of Mia Tui’s trade mark request and look at factors outside of legalities set by the IP office.

We would be delighted if TUI would contact us to explore options for an amicable solution, as this has not happened yet, but we are certainly open to the discussion. TUI we would be delighted to find an amicable solution to this issue with you and would hope that we could even work together in future, our travel bags would certainly be beneficial to your customers. Wouldn't it be better if we worked together?

We have found their TUI Shop selling bags and luggage in Germany, they only brand the zip pullers with their smiley face logo, but they also sell other branded bags, Trunki, Titan, Travelite

I am still sure that people know the difference between TUI and Mia Tui.. we sell bags.. TUI you sell holidays.

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