What a wonderful world

My 4 year-old Mia is well how can I say.. "determined, head strong, thinks she knows it all, she will either rule the world, or I will be picking her up from a police cell, there will be no middle ground.!"

Well I have found something that has floored her.. Louis Armstrong's - What a Wonderful World, she came home from school singing it and asked me to play it for her.

So I found it on YouTube and she just sat there mesmerised by the voice and the pictures (remember the advert some years ago in the UK)

She took the iPad to bed watching it and I even caught her kiss Louis.. today she had to share this with her class and she now knows all the words.

Last night was the 1st night in a long time she went straight to sleep - no moaning or shouting and tonight I used it as a bargining tool.. "clean your teeth and you can listen to What a Wonderful World".

Try it with your kids and let me know if they also find the song soothing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5TwT69i1lU



  • TheBoyandMe

    Just followed your link and it’s reminded me what an absolutely lovely song it is.

  • Clare Doyle

    How lovely! I’ll give it a try!

  • TheBoyandMe

    Oh, I’m giving that a go tomorrow!

  • Karie

    Wow. If you’d only known Loius was the key a few years ago! Bless that little monkey. That is just such a great Mia story. Give her great big hugs from us Fords. xx

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