Life is CRAZY

My life is a bit crazy at the moment..

My daughter turns 6 next week and I have organised a party for tomorrow..!,

I am  sitting here now and have actually done nothing expect book the Hard Rock Café for 15 kids, I lie there was a few frantic phone calls late last night trying to organise a cake, I have always baked their birthday cakes, thought it was the one thing I could do.. well not this year, I am out sourcing it..!

So I am now off to beg some Vietnamese Magician that he wants this gig and hope the lady who does my nails wants to stick some colour on 15 girls hands and feet..!

My competition ended this week, 3 of the 4 winners have contacted me and they have received their bags, and by the sounds of it are in love with their new bags, Tasha of even said I quote “every mother should know about these bags” yes please.!

So what about the 4th winner, I will try to contacted her today, but if I have no luck, I am going to have a good read of all the comments and give  bag to the person I think is the most deserving.!

I actually used randomiser select the winners, I had all good intentions of taking a screen shot, but the bloody screen disappeared before I got a chance, I had already put a name against the winning numbers and did not have the heart to re-draw just so I could get a screen shot..! So you just have to believe me that it was all done impartially.

All the bags are coming in now, my house is slowing filling up with boxes. the small bag is fantastic, I see them all over the place here in Vietnam, the Ava bag in cream is very popular, look at assembly this morning, no shame in carrying the same bag here..!

Only 5 weeks until we leave, last week of school for the girls next week, then they get a 3 month summer holiday… How the hell am I going to cope..!!!!! Nanny & Grand-dad be on your guard as you are going to get a lot of quality grand-daughter time me thinks.!

I had a silly idea of getting the girls a new bed for our move back to the UK, one of those cabin beds that have a bookcase and desk underneath, and draws, all sing and dancing, once I showed them a picture I they were in love and WANTED ONE.

So as we are in Vietnam I decided to copy one from the Pottery Barn Kids website. When will I ever learn that you never get what you ask for.. The beds turned up last night, now they are beautiful, and great for the rooms here (which are huge) but in the UK I think their heads will be 3” from the ceiling, the beds are too long, and where every centimetre makes a big difference, 7cm over may as well be 2 ft..!


I am sure it will sort itself out, it always does here, and the beds will come back to the UK with us, I have never seen my girls get ready for bed so quickly last night.. so long may that continue.

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