HSBC and the Fraud.. What Happened Next

I think most you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter know that I have been a victim of an email scam, my fabric suppliers emails were hacked.  I ended up paying a 30% deposit into the wrong account, this was stopped within 40 minutes of making the payment.

I have been all round the houses trying to find out what has happened to my money, because no-one at HSBC has been able to tell me.

Last week I was told that HSBC were waiting for Standard Chartered Bank in Hong Kong to tell them where my money was. Twitter has been amazing, when you start to include HSBC or Standard Chartered in the Tweet; they soon sit up and listen..! It's power to the little people.

At the end of last week, I was so frustrated as I was getting no where, I started tweeting Standard Chartered Bank to see if I could find out what was happening, because you can be sure HSBC arn't letting on.

I got a response straight away on Twitter, and I duly sent them an email as requested.

Yesterday I got a response from Standard Chartered, telling me that they had been notified by HSBC New York on Thursday 18th October to recall the funds.. I stopped this payment in Monday 15th October... So you are telling me it takes 3 full days to stop a payment that has been identified as fraud..!

The money has made it to the fraudsters account and Standard Chartered has contacted the beneficiary... "What to ask for the money back"...!!! ???

I have been told to contact the police in Hong Kong if, I quote "I consider a fraud has taken place" IF I THINK A FRAUD HAS TAKEN PLACE...!!! What are these people on...? DO THEY NOT LISTEN...A FRAUD HAS TAKEN PLACE..!

HSBC have been in contact today, and I have asked why "when you place a stop on a fraudulent transaction, it takes 3 full days for the recall notification to get to the beneficiaries bank."? I am waiting for their answers.

I just want an end to this and for someone to admit that they are in the wrong, if a stop is placed on a transaction 40mins after it was processed because of fraud, then with today’s technology it should be able to be stopped immediately.


  • Charlotte TJ

    Hi Charlotte – just to say what you’ve posted on your blog sounds awful. Please don’t quit selling Mia Tui bags – they are brilliant, and have saved me from a life of constantly searching for keys, phones and wallets. I’m just about to place an order for the Sofia because I love your bags so much. Don’t give up – everyone needs Mia Tui in their life! x

  • Iris

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t surprise me that the banks are so slow… I hope it will be sorted out soon!

  • Karen Hannah

    Contact the police in Hong Kong?! Yeah, cos that’ll be the easiest thing in the world ever – not!!

    What a rough ride you’re having honey. Wishing you the very best of luck in getting it sorted soon xx

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