Name Our New Bag

We have a new bag coming in June, and she needs a name..

This new bag has a padded pocket for an iPad/tablet, you get all the normal Mia Tui bits a pieces;

  • Large clutch bag
  • Key clips 
  • Phone and pen holder

The bag closes with a magnet, and has a long adjustable strap, so you can wear as a X-Body bag.

We also have some new colours coming, a silver and pewter, fantastic for the summer and holidays.

Just comment with your chosen name and we will pick a winner on May 5th.

Winner will win the new bag before anyone else can get their hands on it, if more than one person chooses the name that is chosen, we will do a random draw.

The competition is also on our Facebook page


  • Karen Hannah

    I think the perfect name for this would be the Ashlee bag. It’s practical, strong and beautiful like my friend Ashlee, and if you wear it as a x-body bag, it’s always got your back! ❤️

  • Hayleigh

    Because i like the shape of the new bag


    Like shape of bag and i like the name

  • Gail Mitchell

    Loving the look of your new bag, how about the name Poppy

  • Rachel

    I rather think that bag looks like a ‘Penny’.

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