Surviving Christmas

So much to do.. so little time..!

Shopping, wrapping, packing, travelling, cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing - these are the first words that sprang to mind when we thought about the imminent arrival of the festive season.

Unfortunately for many women today, Christmas comes with so much pressure that we can get over whelmed, tired, and a little bit fed up with it all.

Does this sound like you over there Ebeneezer?

Let’s make a positive change this Christmas and turn 2014 into the best and most memorable one yet.

Mia Tui’s top tips for surviving Christmas!

Dealing with difficult presents.

What do you get for Aunty Sally or your mother-in-law? What would they like? Is it thoughtful?

Instead of agonising over this why not do something good this year and make a donation to a charity in their name. Charities like The Lullaby Trust could really with your support and a donation is something that everyone can feel good about. Plus no wrapping.

Get organised.

Away from home this Christmas? You need to get organised, going away for Christmas isn't like any other trip you’ll take. You’ll leave home with twice as much luggage and be headed into some of the busiest traffic of the year. Be warned, this can be a tad miserable.

Avoid the misery and keep everyone occupied – this is where your Mia Tui bag will come into its own. Use the organised interior to stash a number of gadgets, games, and goodies which you can bring out throughout the journey. Pockets in Mia Tui bags are sized perfectly for kindles and iPads, holding them snug and secure yet taking up minimal space to ensure that you have space for everything else you may need.

If all else fails, the Frozen sound track can be a life saver…

And finally relax – just know that all this shall pass and normality shall resume with in a mere 48 hours. If your turkey is dry, you burn the potatoes or you just can’t keep up with the day, just take 5 minutes to stop and have a look around you. You did it, the shopping is done, you’ve wrapped, packed, chopped, peeled and the kids will be smiling. Enjoy the epic feast you have prepared – whether it is a winner or a sinner, no one will mind. Feet up please and savour a glass of wine. It’s your Christmas too and you deserve to enjoy the day

Merry Christmas x

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