Why do you bother..?

You wonder why you bother sometimes..

So today has not been a great day, I am still waiting for the website to be up and running, the person I hired to design the site has had to go to Spain on business and he assured me that his team back here in Vietnam were still working on it.

Then the head designer mother died.. which I am sorry about but why now..!! So that put us another 3 weeks behind.

Yesterday I get an email saying they have been trying to upload the site but the host server is down, so I call the hosting company in England they say it is all OK.. Then I realise that for some reason the website of my hosting company is blocked here in Vietnam... out of all the hosting companies I could have chosen..!

But this has taken them 4 days to tell me.. and still they have not come back to me with a solution; I am open to any suggestion.

I think people do not realise how much you put into starting a business, it consumes you every thought and your family are the ones who get the brunt of it..

I have heard so many times from my daughter Mia.. “I hate your bags”.. So you wonder why do I bother..?

My partner Lisa in HK got it from me on Skype but she made me laugh, but boy how I did scream and swear first.. thank god the kids were at school.

This is why you need a partner; they make you laugh even on the blackest of days...  So why do I bother..?

Well I have started something that I actually do believe in, I think the bag is fantastic and there is nothing out there like it.. there will be room for improvement like anything, but we will listen to our customers..

So I may feel down, but tomorrow is another day and hopefully I get some good news on the website front.. Watch this space..!

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  • Karie

    Crappy. I wish I was there to drink some wine with you and air out all the frustrations. I think they say these are the things that you look back on one day and appreciate as all part of the journey. Brighter days ahead my sweet! xx

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