How your life can change on the decision of one person...

We have been living as expats for the past 7 years, 4 years in Hong Kong where we got married and had our two beautiful girls. For the past 3 years we have been living in Saigon Vietnam.

My 1st few months were hell here in Vietnam, I hated it, moaned all the time, but soon I began to love it for its messiness and old fashion charm. I have made a great set of friends the kids are settled in school, and I am finally developing something with Mia Tui.

How life can change.. Yesterday after 14 years with his company, the owner has decided that Philippe my husband does not have what they want and have sacked him, the impact is so far-reaching I am still in shock..!

As expats you up root your life to a new country, still keeping  your old friends back home, but you feel like a mini island you and your family. Philippe losing his job means we have no home, kids have to find new school s and new friends, and we have to find our way back into the community again, feeling like aliens in our own country for a while..

I know we will be fine, and I like the idea of going back home and settling down to a “normal” life.. I am going to have to learn to iron again..:-) The kids will go to the local school and be enriched from their time living abroad.

I could have done with another 6 months to a year here to get Mia Tui to a level, but hey we can’t have it everything,  I am producing two styles at the moment, the next one will come in later part of the year..

If I am going to get Mia Tui going I need to be in the UK.. Promoting and selling the bag, it is very difficult from Vietnam. I know people will love the bags; they have been successful in Hong Kong and Vietnam.

I have sent the bags to some influential bloggers to get their reaction, never have I more need them to love that bag and recommend it to their followers.

I am a Mum who has tried really hard to think about what is needed in a bag for women and especially Mum’s with busy lives.  

I am not this big corporate company, I am trying to help the women here in Vietnam giving them the opportunity to have their own business, and they will grow as Mia Tui grows.

I am thankful for my time in Asia and especially Vietnam as it is where I started my dream of having my own business.. now it is time for the really hard work and make this baby work.

So you will hear lots from me in the next few weeks on why the bags are so good, and I may have a little rant every now and then, I know we are entering into turbulent times; we will get through them and come out the other side.

Better start looking for warmer clothes and how the hell and I going to get my feet into shoes again I will never know, I think my feet may have spread.

I may be very down.. but hey I am not out..


  • Clare Doyle

    So sorry to hear about Philippe’s job, Charlotte but hopefully the move will really help Mia Tui in the UK. Lots of love xx

  • Karie

    Oh Charlotte. First, you better believe your feet have spread. Second, holy mother of mothers. You guys must be reeling. I am sorry. Shocking. But you know it, life throws these punches at you sometimes, sounds like you are already picking yourself up and dusting yourself off. Crap, wish I could sit beside you right now and have a heart-to-heart. Love you. When the shock starts to wear off, let me know when you are off… stay strong, give Phillippe a hug from me – new adventures await. xxxK

  • TheBoyandMe

    Oh Charlotte, I am so sorry about your husband’s job; that is just shocking and devastating news! Poor, poor you! This has come at such a bad time, just when you were getting somewhere with Mia Tui. You will continue to succeed with it, it is going to be great. And just think of all the progress in marketing and sales you’re going to be able to make back in the UK!

    As my mum says “Chin up chick!”

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