My head hurts...

My head is spinning.. there is so much to sort out.

 We have a house in the UK that has been rented out for the past 7 years and has had 6 tenants, so I know there is a lot of work needed, but I also need to get the house back, so hopefully the current tenants will understand.

Schools.. how do I do that?, I have been on websites and the applications have now closed.. I have managed to get some forms sent to my Mum & Dad’s but I know nothing about the local schools.

I spent the whole day crying on and off, people have found out here and they are all being so nice and that sets me off again. I teach an aerobic class a couple of times a week, I just couldn’t face it yesterday, so one of the ladies took over and did a fantastic job, that is what I love about being part of a community, everyone looks out for you.

I am so apprehensive about moving back home, when you live an expat life everyone is in the same boat, you come to a place with no friends or family and you have to make new friends, everyone is so warm and welcoming, as they have been in the same situation.

I go home and I am the new girl, people have their friends and their groups all ready formed.. just hope they are ready to welcome me. Maybe I can buy my way in with a few free Mia Tui bags. :-)

I can’t get over what Camus Cognac has done to us, I don’t think they will ever understand the implications their decision makes on a family.

There was no warning, PJ had grown the business under the toughest of conditions, it’s not easy here in Vietnam, there was only 1 person who spoke English in the office, well you can’t really call it an office, he didn’t even have a window. He would say if I die in a fire as I can’t escape, you sue them for all you can get.!

Ok off to sort the house.. if anything I will de-clutter before shipping everything home.


  • TheBoyandMe

    To have the rug pulled from under your feet like this is so shocking and unfair. How long have you got?

  • miatui

    Snooze shade what a fantastic product, it is the 1st I have heard of it, my god how we have all hung towels over the pushchair.. so simple. Only a Mum could come up with that..!

    How are you doing, are you staying in Singapore to have your baby?

    Will you be around on the 10th May, I would love to drop a bag off to you, I will be staying at the Orchard hotel.

    Hope all is good. I am having good and bad days, mostly good today, but now feeling like I hate all this and I don’t want to leave Vietnam..!

    Have a good Sunday


  • 21st century mummy

    Hi, yes staying here and will sadly have to foot the bill.

    Will have the baby on 6 may, so might not be home by 10th and probably wouldn’t be out and about by then anyway. Would have been nice to meet you. You could always send it to my condo.

    Good luck with everything. X

  • miatui

    Hi Emma

    Thank you for your reply. I am heading back to the Milton Keynes area.. I have been told by a friend to look at the ofsted reports of the schools.. so I will check out that out. Things feel a bit better today, you just have to keep moving forward..!

  • 21stcenturymummy

    Can’t believe what’s happened. What a nightmare, to suddenly have to uproot without any warning. If you need any help or need any contacts in the UK, please shout. Definitely use social media to promote your bags. Have you heard of British Mummy Bloggers – great place. Also Twitter is fantastic. You should get in touch with @snoozeshade – she recently launched a fab buggy shade. There’s loads of mumpreneurs on Twitter.

    Good luck x

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