My head hurts...

My head is spinning.. there is so much to sort out.

 We have a house in the UK that has been rented out for the past 7 years and has had 6 tenants, so I know there is a lot of work needed, but I also need to get the house back, so hopefully the current tenants will understand.

Schools.. how do I do that?, I have been on websites and the applications have now closed.. I have managed to get some forms sent to my Mum & Dad’s but I know nothing about the local schools.

I spent the whole day crying on and off, people have found out here and they are all being so nice and that sets me off again. I teach an aerobic class a couple of times a week, I just couldn’t face it yesterday, so one of the ladies took over and did a fantastic job, that is what I love about being part of a community, everyone looks out for you.

I am so apprehensive about moving back home, when you live an expat life everyone is in the same boat, you come to a place with no friends or family and you have to make new friends, everyone is so warm and welcoming, as they have been in the same situation.

I go home and I am the new girl, people have their friends and their groups all ready formed.. just hope they are ready to welcome me. Maybe I can buy my way in with a few free Mia Tui bags. :-)

I can’t get over what Camus Cognac has done to us, I don’t think they will ever understand the implications their decision makes on a family.

There was no warning, PJ had grown the business under the toughest of conditions, it’s not easy here in Vietnam, there was only 1 person who spoke English in the office, well you can’t really call it an office, he didn’t even have a window. He would say if I die in a fire as I can’t escape, you sue them for all you can get.!

Ok off to sort the house.. if anything I will de-clutter before shipping everything home.


  • Emma

    What a week, I really feel for you. especially sorting schools. My eldest is just changing to secondary school and all your feelings about being the new girl is how she is feeling. I hope it all comes together quickly for you.
    I’m a teacher, applications only ‘close’ as such for reception. You can approach schools at any times for the other years. What part of the country is going to be home?

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