My day in pictures Part 1

Today I needed to go any buy all the elements that make up the Mia Tui bags.

You only see the Amelie bag on the website, but I also have the Ava bag which is available in Asia and the bag with "no-name" is nearly finished, few tweaks then I will be very happy.

I want to share a little of the sights of the Vietnam markets. Vietnam is an amazing place where people are busy buying, trading and making so many, many things.

I bet you didn't know that Tiffany jewelery is made here in Vietnam, I still haven't managed to find the factory, my friends husband has though..!

I hope you my photo montage..

The ride in from my house

At the Markets..

On the way home

So now I am off to a Royal Wedding Party.. so you can see my life in Picture part two later..!


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  • Karie

    Love it!

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