My Day in Picture Part 2 - The Royal Wedding

After a very long and hot morning in the markets, I hot footed it home, showered, made the cucumber sandwiches got the girls dressed and went over to my friend Sarah's house for a Royal Wedding tea party, not much tea going on.. more Champagne & Pimms (yes we managed to find a dusty old bottle in Rebecca's drink cupboard.!).

The mix of nationalities came together to celebrate Will & Kate's wedding, it made the 3 Brits of the party feel proud to be British.

I was so please that Sarah went the extra mile, I think due my circumstances I would have not done anything special and just watched it on the TV with the girls. 

I have vivid memories as a child of the Silver Jubilee and Charles & Diana's wedding, the excitement of running around in Red, White & Blue and the street parties,   I hope that my girls got a sence of the excitements that surrounds our heritage.

A few pictures of the party..

The party decorations were made by my good friend Simone, she is the "go to girl" for anything party related, invitations, themed decorations. She has set up a fantastic Etsy store selling themed parties kits that you can amend and print off yourself.. go and check out her site.

Well today is my husbands birthday, luckily I have got up early and put up one of Simones Happy Bithday banners, was going to bake a cake, but there is no butter.. just as well he knows how useless I am..! I will get the girls to make a card when they get up (why I didn't do this yesterday I will never know) and we will bring him coffee in bed, what more can a man ask for..!


  • miatui

    really.. I thought these were yours..!

  • Annie Bananie

    I can see why Karie misses you ladies so much. You look like a fun bunch of gals. I love your Vietnam pics, reminds me of my travels to Asia.

  • Sarah

    Simone did not do the decorations…..she may have gave me a big hint but they were all done by me!!

  • Karie

    Awwww! You gals all look so gorgeous!! Happy Birthday to Philippe! xx

  • Simone

    Oh, thanks for the plug Charlotte….unfortunately I didn’t make those!!

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