How Much Crap Do You Keep?

How much crap do you keep..??

So what with the enforced move back to the UK it’s a good opportunity for me to clear out all the cupboards, drawers & kids’ toys etc.

Yesterday was a public holiday here, but luckily the kids were at school..Somehow the school cocked it up and gave them Friday and Monday off..!

So husband and I attacked the utility cupboard.. now this is about 6ft x 2ft in size so not big, it took us 5 hours to sort.. My god we keep some crap.

  • Small change in 5 different currencies, think there was even some French Franc
  • String/rope it all manner of different sizes
  • How many of the kid’s drawings do you need to keep! Well not anymore all in the bin, I have chosen the best ones got them framed.
  • Bouncy balls, I must have found 5.. note to self, DON’T BUY ANY MORE
  • Broken toys.. What did I think by hiding them in the cupboard, they would mend themselves!
  • Metal bits (screws, bolts etc) from flat packs you brought years ago.

I could go on and on with the rubbish I kept just in case..! So now my cupboard is looking a lot less cluttered.

You can imagine that I have a few handbags knocking about..  what with all the samples I get, I usually get one of my friends, well generally Simone to test run the bags and give feedback, or I take them in to my aerobics class and ask them what they think..

Yesterday I decided to give away some of the samples to the lady who cleans the street, she is a really smiley happy lady and always talking to me in Vietnamese (can’t understand a word she is saying - I think it is all good..but  maybe not!). I wished I had a video camera when I gave her the bag, she went dancing down the street so happy, my best customer yet..!

I think the lesson learned from yesterday was that we really do buy too much, how many colouring books do my girls need?, I promise you they must have 20.

I think the girls well Mia especially is finding it hard seeing me selling our and their things.. all I keep hearing from her is “NO you only sell bags” it must be hard to understand. But if I took everything home we wouldn’t be able to move, the houses are so big in Vietnam.

So I continue with the sorting and clearing, I’ve got a whole bedroom set to sell now, and the Snow White cottage hasn’t sold..!

Check out my tidy cupboard.. but just look at how many batteries I have - did I think that I couldn't find them in Vietnam..! or maybe I just have a lot of battery operated toys :-)


  • TheBoyandMe

    Wow! That’s an impressive cupboard; I store way too much crap and I really need to start binning it and not putting it up in the attic.

  • Karie

    thanks for the image of the sweeper dancing in the street – I know just the one you are talking about!! Good luck with the declutter. Love you!

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