Chocolate Cake, Champagne & Good Friends

Chocolate Cake, Champagne, and Good Friends

I made it to 40..! as a small child I remember asking my Mum if I would be alive in 2011, she did tell me I would be, and then I asked if she would, and again she said hopefully. I am pleased to say we are both around to see the 5th May 2011.

I have had a wonderful birthday, full of surprises.

It started with coffee in bed and a few presents from my husband and the girls... I then hot footed it down to my aerobics class where they surprised me with hats, flowers, chocolate cake and champagne.

So after a very quick class with all of us wearing hats, we then ate and drank far more calories than we burned, I was drinking champagne by 9.30am!

I was told by my husband that we were going out for lunch, and he would text me the address..

When I got to the restaurant it was empty, so I phoned him to say we should head to the Hyatt as it would have more atmosphere and where hell was he.? “Go upstairs” he told me.. And as I did there were all my friends waiting for me with more champagne.

I couldn’t speak with the shock, I really had NO idea, we were meant to be having a pool party tomorrow.

Somehow picture of me through the 80’s had managed to wing their way over here, and were now place mats, glass tags and streamers across the table. This was all the handy work of my good friend Simone who makes the most wonderful party kits check her out at SimoneMadeIt

Not only that there was a “Charlotte’s 40th Birthday Surprise Quiz”

Question 3 “who was Charlotte’s 1st shag”?  funnily enough whoever they got the information from got it wrong, he wasn’t one of the answers.. My husband was hoping it wasn’t “Her PE teacher”..!

The joint winners were May and Rebecca, although I think I gave May one of the answers, so they both get a bag each as a prize.

So I have been drinking and eating since 9.30am, I am now ready for bed!

It has been a wonderful day and I am blessed with such amazing friends and my husband not bad either (I have to say that he reads the blog..!)


  • miatui

    Hope you had a great bithday.. x

  • Ali

    Looks like a fab birthday and happy birthday to you x hope my is as fun, now I have to plan it :)

  • TheBoyandMe

    Brilliant day celebrating your special birthday! Hope you’ve managed to recover from the champagne now?

  • Kirsty

    Sounds like you had a brilliant day! Happy birthday. (It was my birthday on 6th but not such a momentous one.)

  • Karie

    Yey!!! I gad you got the day you deserved!! Love you tons..and love the picture of all you girls, everybody is looking gorgeous! xx

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