My Best BAG Yet..!

My best bag yet..

I have had to fast track the Mia Tui range due to my
impending return to the UK in less than 8 weeks.

I had always planned to have 3 bags in the Mia Tui range,
each designed for a different reason. The Amelie bag is the bag for all
reasons, whether you are travelling, using it as a baby bag or work bag, it
will allow you to bring all your things and still be able find them.

Then came the Ava bag, this is a smaller version of the Amelie
but with a slightly different design, this is for women who don’t need to carry
the kitchen sink with them but still need to be organized and look stylish with

The final bag is an Across the body bag that really is your
everyday bag, you still have all fantastic Mia Tui interior with all the
pockets, clips and water bottle holder.

The beauty of this bag is you can wear it across your body
allowing your hands to be free, but with a quick change of the strap you can
wear it as a handbag under your arm..

Two bags in one.. how cleaver am I..! well not really that
cleaver as there are other bags like it on the market, but not with the gorgeous
Mia Tui interior.

I have to say that I am a little in LOVE with this bag, and
so is everyone else who sees the sample I am using at the moment.

I am frantically trying to make more ( I am banking on this
being a winner..!) to bring back to the UK with me, but today I hit a brick wall
as they are out of stock of the buckle I need.. They promise me it will be here
in two weeks, but experience tells me not to believe too much, as they will always
say yes when they mean no.

I am making the bag in 4 colours, chocolate-brown, black,
Red canvas and Tan canvas, I also went to a leather tannery today to get some fabric
samples to take back with me, and the leather is gorgeous, so soft like butter.
I will start to make the bags in leather next year.

I really hate shopping for fabric, I get bamboozled by all
the different colours, I know I should have a range collection in my head, but
once I see all the colours my brain gets pickled.

My life is running at a million miles an hour at the moment,
So much to do and so little time.

I am looking forward to coming home to England, cool air is what
I crave at the moment, it’s 38 degrees here at the moment.

My husband is currently in Singapore at a trade show,
networking away to try to find another job, as his experience for the past 7
years is Asia based he is more likely to get a job here, as much as I really
want him to get a job, I know if he gets something now it will be based in Asia
and I long for the Green, Green Grass of HOME..!


  • Karie

    Can’t wait to see the new bag! 8 weeks – crazy. Time is going to fly!

  • Annie Bananie

    I feel the excitement for the new bag and look forward to seeing a sample picture :) Enjoy every moment as now you miss home and when you get home you’ll most likely miss Vietnam. The mind is never satisfied! By the way I am Karie’s friend from Canada.

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