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Mia Tui Bag Reviews…

I handpicked some of the UK’s best mummy bloggers to review the
Amelie bag,  the  On-Line Mummy Blogging Community is another world full of people
making friends, giving advice and generally socializing.

There is even a conference called CyberMummy being held in June which sold
out months ago, this is where the bloggers will come together impart information
and learn new things I guess. I also think that it will be friends getting
together chatting and having a few too many wines’..!

Please take time to read some of the reviews on the Amelie
bag (just click on the icons), it is really such a great bag for Mum’s who need
to take a lot of things with them, or people who are travelling. This bag will
allow you to always find your things and look gorgeous too.

You will also enjoy reading the blogs..

There are a couple more reviews pending, and I will share
those with you when they are in.

I am busy finalizing the last touches to the new bags before
they all get packed up and put in a container at the beginning of July.

I am with a photographer
on Monday taking pictures of all the bags, so I can share some of the new collection
with you soon.

The full collection will be on sale by mid-August all being
well, and I am looking to recruited a few people to help launch the “Mia Tui


  • TheBoyandMe

    Thanks for adding the header. The MiaTui party? Now this sounds intriguing lovely lady!

  • forestflower23

    Linking up from The Boy and Me – I LOVE the Amelie bag – would be great to have something so stylish but still holds everything I NEED it to! (at the moment I have a rucksack – functional but hardly pretty!)Great for day trips with the Little Man so I can keep all his stuff close to hand.

    Have followed on Twitter and tweeted comp too :)
    Fingers x’d!

  • TheBoyandMe

    Thanks for the link-up; it was a pleasure to review for you.

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