Crap Crap Crappity Crap

Crap there is just not enough hours in the day..

So the countdown has begun we leave six weeks Saturday, we have to spend two days in HK as the price of the flights had doubled from my original date, so we will now spend a couple of days with Mickey and catch up with old friends.

Disneyland Hong Kong is one of my favourite places, so not a bad place to have to go to, we used go a couple of times a week when we lived in HK, it is a smaller version than the Paris one, and perfect for my children’s ages, and as the Chinese do not get up too early you don’t have to queue.

So what is taking up so much of my time..

  • Trying to reduce the amount of furniture we have, there is no way on god’s earth it is going to fit in our house in England, so I am selling it off piece by piece.
  • Culling the toy collection, it’s a perfect time to for a few bits to go missing.
  • Re-directing all the post, or in my case working out what is sent where, some to my Mum’s some still to HK and some to Vietnam.
  • Looking for schools
  • Trying to renovate our house from 7,000 miles away, I have even tried to mock-up the lounge here to replicate what it would look like.. I need to let this go and wait until we are back home.
  • Find homes for the hamsters.. and find identical hamsters in the UK, oh yes I couldn’t face telling the girls that Latte and Lilly would have to stay in Vietnam.. so you will all be on the lookout for lookalikes.
  • Then there is the small task of making sure that Mia Tui will run smoothly without me, I am busy having meetings with zip, thread, hardware, fabric manufactures. I have got the business to a level that I can meet the minimum requirements, 10,000 zips..!!!
  • Oh and selling a few bags, still teaching aerobics and looking after the kids

When you put it all down on paper it doesn’t look that bad, but let me tell you my head wants to explode.

It has been an interesting task meeting with all the different manufactures, the one that stand out is the Zip factory.. this factory runs 24 hours a day, I saw girls hand painting adidas zip pullers..! and the sight of all the fabric part of the zips being automatically stitched to the zippy part, thousand and thousands of metres of fabric running above my head was amazing.

They can make any design of zip puller, so I think I will have the Mia Tui star on the next round of bags.

OK off to get all the new bags photographed for the website now.. then show a shipping company round the house, and I need to pick the girls up from school.


  • TheBoyandMe

    No Charlotte, that seems like a hell of a lot of work! But at least you’ve started to make a list, and being as super-organised as you are, I’m sure you’ll have it cracked in no time.

  • Karie

    Well at least it’s exciting..? xx

  • Ali

    Well I feel quite exhausted after reading that, poor you.

    Even worse the thought of finding two identical hamsters that has to be the worse challenge:)

    Good luck with it all x

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