I've been sacked..!

I have been sacked by my web developer, can you bloody believe it..!

I hired this guy as he told me his was the best etc, etc, then promptly buggers off to Spain as he has some personal business and formal business to sort out.

He leaves just as the website is finishing and then I can’t get hold of him, oh and guess what stupid old me did, I went and paid him in full for the work before it was finished.. yes I will never make that mistake again. I am someone who works on trust, shame
other people are not always like that!

It has been the most frustrating process in my life to get the website up and running, it is in part due to me not knowing anything about all the technical terms, he would bamboozled me with things, then throw back in my face that it was not in the original “site map”..

One thing I was very clear on was that I needed a facility for promotional codes, there are so many emails from me asking where the function was, he told me it would be sorted after the website went live.

I get an email asking me about the promotional code and what I actually want it to do, finally I am gong to get my promotional code..!

I give my response by email, but want I really need is him to have a face to face meeting so he can walk me through it, that way we are both clear. There are a few back and forth emails as he is not clear, I am not clear, you get the picture..!

Then I get an email two days ago giving me a price for having this function.. the function I have been asking for from the very beginning..! So he gets it from me, I am like a coiled spring at the moment; I can blow at any time..!! and boy did I BLOW..!

The next day I get an email saying that "I should find myself a new developer"… WTF, I didn’t even know I could have sacked him, if I had known that I would have done it ages ago.

Thank god for friends, I managed to find myself a new developer who met with me straight away and will help me get my promotional code function, so I can give special discounts to all the lovely people who would like to buy a Mia Tui bag.

BIG lesson learnt..!


  • Karie

    Oh I would have loved to hear you blow! I am sure he’s gone to Spain to recover. Screw him and I hope the new guy gets you the promotional code of your dreams! Love yah!

  • TheBoyandMe

    Hubby is a web developer (but not designer) and I know only too well, through his tales, the amount of really unscrupulous ones that there are out there. So pleased that you’ve managed to find a decent developer to get it sorted for you. One less worry!

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